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Where to Find Astegon Pal Locations - Palworld

Matt Chard

One of the better Pals in Palworld is "Astegon" iconAstegon. A versatile Pal with a penchant for mining, this dark beast born from the abyss can be found as a boss in the center of Mount Obsidian, inside the Destroyed Mineshaft. This isn’t the only way you can get it, though, as it can also be found as a rare spawn on the map. Read on to find out all of Astegon’s locations and how to breed it.

Astegon, Ravager of Stars Location - Destroyed Mineshaft

The first location is the Alpha Boss version of Astegon as it’s guaranteed to be there, but due to it being an Alpha Pal, it’ll have more health and deal more damage. You can find "Astegon, Ravager of Stars" iconAstegon, Ravager of Stars inside the Destroyed Mineshaft (Map Marker), west of the Mount Obsidian Eagle Statue (Map Marker). This area is hot, so you’ll need the highest heat-resistant armor and shirt equipped to reach it. You may want to bring a light source as well due to the mine shaft being dark, but you can still find Astegon without it if you keep heading down. One last tip, make sure you have a "Hyper Sphere" iconHyper Sphere at the bare minimum, but a "Legendary Sphere" iconLegendary Sphere is recommended.

(1 of 4) Teleport to the Mount Obsidian Midpoint and head west.

Astegon Location - No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary

This location for Astegon is determined by RNG. It can be found roaming the small island of the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary, but keep in mind that it is a rare spawn, so you may have to wait a while before you see it. The No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary is a small island off the northeastern coast of the Dessicated Desert. The nearest fast travel from there is the Deep Sand Dunes (Map Marker), and then it’s a short flight northeast from there. Even if Astegon isn’t there, you can still find a lot of good Pals roaming the island such as "Lyleen" iconLyleen, "Blazamut" iconBlazamut, "Orserk" iconOrserk, "Faleris" iconFaleris, Fengelope, "Bushi" iconBushi, and many more.

One thing to keep in mind with No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary is it has a crime system (although this is a bit buggy right now). As soon as you land, you’ll be trespassing, and if the PDIF sees you, they’ll attack immediately. If you kill them, your wanted level will go up and they will chase after you. However, as long as you stay away from them, you’ll be fine.

(1 of 2) Head over to the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary in the northeast.

Head over to the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary in the northeast. (left), Then, wait around until Astegon spawns. (right)

How to Breed Astegon in Palworld

If capturing Astegon sounds like a hassle, why not try breeding it instead? All you need to get started is the right Pal combination, a breeding farm (unlocked at level 19), and some cake. Here are all the combinations to breed Astegon.

If you do choose to breed Astegon, your best bets are "Reptyro" iconReptyro + Blazamut, "Helzephyr" iconHelzephyr/Grissbolt + Orserk, "Grizzbolt" iconGrizzbolt + "Cryolinx" iconCryolinx, Cryolinx + Helzephyr, or Blazamut + "Elizabee" iconElizabee. The reason for this is that most of the other Pals are harder to get hold of than Astegon. Saying that, if you have them anyway, and you’re not using them, then do the more difficult combinations.

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