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Best Ways to Farm Gold in Palworld

Jessica Dillon

Gold is the main currency in Palworld, and accumulating a lot of it can be a bit confusing. You gain Gold extremely slowly when starting out in Palworld, mostly getting it from defeated Syndicate members and chests. As you start to establish your first base, the opportunity to farm Gold will present itself. The guide below goes over the best ways to farm Gold in Palworld.

Mau has the ability to passively gather gold when placed in a Ranch.

Best Gold Farming Methods in Palworld

While the community is still uncovering more and more ways to make Gold, we do have several solid methods to recommend. The methods below cover different ways to farm gold, including how to make gold in the early game and how to get Gold when you need it quickly. Most methods only take a short amount of time to get set up and require only slight player intervention to complete.

Baked Berry Farm - Best Early Game Method

This method is rather simple and can be done from the early hours of the game, making it new player-friendly. For this method, you can make as little or as much money as you want, but you will need to lay down some groundwork to get it going. First, you will need to be level five and use technology points to unlock the "Berry Plantation" iconBerry Plantation. You will also need to set up a campfire nearby. You will want to get Pals with watering, planting, and gathering, and a fire-type Pal - "Foxparks" iconFoxparks is a great choice here. Once these are set up, you will want to let berries grow and then cook them on the fire to make "Baked Berries" iconBaked Berries. Baked Berries sell for ten gold a piece to a Merchant, and due to the rate at which berries grow, this can add up quickly. The table below goes over a basic sample of how you can amp up your berry trade for maximum profit.

"Berry Plantation" iconBerry Plantation Number Produced Sell Price
One 10 100 Gold
Five 50 500 Gold
Ten 100 1,000 Gold

Be careful if you have a "Feed Box" iconFeed Box set up, as the gatherers will place your berries here to be eaten by your base Pals. While they won’t consume them too quickly, this will still make a dent in your berry profits.

Nail Farm - Best Mid-Game Method

The "Nail" iconNail Farm is a great mid-game method and will have you rolling in money. You can start to make Nails once you unlock a furnace and can make ingots. This is done at level ten, but the process won’t become efficient until much later on. Keep in mind that you will once again need a fire-type Pal, such as Foxparks, to fuel the production, as well as a Pal with "Handiwork" iconHandiwork to help you assemble the Nails. If you really want to speed things up even more, then use "Anubis" iconAnubis for maximum productivity. Nails can be sold for 160 gold each, giving you a nice little way to build up gold. The table below breaks down the basic math of making and selling Nails so that you can visualize how profitable this system is.

"Nail" iconNail Cost "Nail" iconNails Produced Sell Price
One "Ingot" iconIngot Two "Nail" iconNails 320 Gold
Five "Ingot" iconIngots Ten "Nail" iconNails 3,200 Gold
Ten "Ingot" iconIngots 20 "Nail" iconNails 6,400 Gold

You will need a way to harvest ore. The best way to do this is to set up your base beside an ore node, as it allows your Pals to collect the resource passively. You can hunt down nodes and carry them back on your own, but this is a bit tough due to their carry weight. This process becomes much easier and more profitable once you have a production line unlocked at level 28 and have it dedicated to nails. When starting out, though, you will need to set your work table to craft nails, and it can take a few hours to amass a large collection of Nails.

Black Marketeer Hunting - Best Method For Quick Gold

Hunting down Black Marketeers is a good method to use if you need a quick boost to gold. There are a few caveats that you should be aware of. First, the Black Marketeers can be a bit hard to find as they only spawn in certain locations. Second, he is level 40 and will throw out a level 40 Pal when you attack him. He also has a Gatling gun as a weapon that can inflict major damage. Lower-level players will need to use a "Hanging Trap" iconHanging Trap to hold them in place while they deplete their health bar. This method can be done simply by building a Hanging Trap on top of the Black Marketeer. As long as his foot is in the rope, he will be caught and can’t attack or summon his Pal. Each time you defeat a Black Marketeer, you will get a bit over 12,000 Gold, along with a "Gold Key" iconGold Key.

Pal Selling - Best Method to Combine With Experience Farming

This method is another one that can add fast money and is best used for players who are leveling. To level quickly, you will need to catch Pal after Pal, with many of them being duplicates. You likely won’t need all these Pals, so selling them to a "Pal Merchant" iconPal Merchant or the Black Marketeer will quickly net you a return. Pal prices vary from Pal to Pal, but you can breed higher-priced Pals like the "Relaxaurus" iconRelaxaurus to have a bit of control over how much gold you are making. Here’s a table showing some examples of base Pal selling prices.

Pal Level Selling Price
"Hoocrates" iconHoocrates 6 126 Gold
"Mau" iconMau 8 135 Gold
"Killamari" iconKillamari 10 180 Gold
"Kingpaca" iconKingpaca 23 1,435 Gold
"Relaxaurus" iconRelaxaurus 20 2,304 Gold

When breeding, you need to take into account the time it takes to make and hatch an egg, as this process can feel a bit sluggish at times. If you’re looking into breeding for Gold, then be sure to check out our breeding guide here.

Mau Farm - Best Passive Method

If you want to leave your base and just come back to Gold lying around, then go ahead and set up a "Ranch" iconRanch. Once this is done, throw four "Mau" iconMau’s inside and go about your day. This Pal is found inside dungeons starting early in the game. Maus are programmed to dig up Gold, and each time they do, a bag of ten Gold will be placed on the ground for you or your Pals to pick up. This is a great way to leave your base and come back later to a nice nest egg of Gold placed in your chest. In tests done by some players, it’s reported that having 15 Mau can lead to up to 10,000 Gold per hour if they have the serious trait and are artisans.

Best Dropped Items to Sell For Gold in Palword

There are items that you can accumulate in Palworld just for selling to merchants. These can help give you a nice boost in gold and typically come from defeating bosses or from hunting down Lucky Pals. The items you are looking to sell are all Precious level materials, of which there are five. The table below goes over how much each one sells for.

Precious Item Sell Price
"Precious Pelt" iconPrecious Pelt 500 Gold
"Precious Claw" iconPrecious Claw 650 Gold
"Precious Plume" iconPrecious Plume 750 Gold
"Precious Entrails" iconPrecious Entrails 850 Gold
"Precious Dragon Stone" iconPrecious Dragon Stone 1,000 Gold

To give you a bit more context about selling these items, "Chillet" iconChillet, the easiest Alpha Pal in the game, can drop three "Precious Pelt" iconPrecious Pelts. You can then sell those three pelts to a merchant for a quick 1,500 Gold. Generally, the higher level the Alpha Pal is, the better the drop you earn will be. "Gathering" iconGathering these materials is also a great method to use if you are playing with friends and can quickly run through Alpha Pals.

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