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How to Breed Pals in Palworld

Matt Chard

As you start approaching the endgame of Palworld, Breeding will play a pivotal factor in building the best team of Pals to take down the most difficult content the game has to offer. Breeding in Palworld has a few prerequisites before you can do it, though, which are: two willing participants, a "Breeding Farm" iconBreeding Farm, and some "Cake" iconCake. Once you have all these, select which two Pals you want to breed and stare intently at them as they go about their business. Joking aside, you’ll want to do something else such as farm more ingredients for cake, as this can take a while. There are ways you can specifically choose which Pal you get, but that requires further explaining, which we will cover on another page. Follow these steps to breed in Palworld:

  • Reach level 19 and craft a Breeding Farm
  • Place both a female and male Pal inside the farm
  • Provide the farm with ample Cake (place it in the box that comes with the farm)
  • Wait for the female to lay an egg
  • Place the egg in an Incubator
  • Wait

To breed your Pals in Palword, you’ll need a Breeding Farm, two Pals, and a lot of Cake!

How to Craft a Breeding Farm in Palworld

Before you can craft a Breeding Farm, you need to unlock the technology for it in the aptly named Technology section of the menu. The recipe for the farm is unlocked at level 19, and it’ll cost you 100 "Stone" iconStone, 50 "Wood" iconWood, and 50 "Fiber" iconFiber. This is a lot of material during the early portion of the game, so you may want to hold off on crafting it until you reach a higher level as you won’t need it until then anyway, but the choice is yours.

(1 of 2) Unlock the Breeding Farm at level 19, and place it on a flat surface (will hide the cake box otherwise).

Unlock the Breeding Farm at level 19, and place it on a flat surface (will hide the cake box otherwise). (left), Pick up and throw two Pals, one female, and one male into the farm to have them breed. (right)

Placing Pals in the Breeding Farm

This process is as simple as it sounds. Open the Pal management menu and place the male and female in your base where the breeding farm is situated. Now, find the respective Pals, lift them one at a time, and throw them in the farm. They may run back out, but that is due to the AI pathfinding being buggy for the time being. As long as the farm has a “1/1” on the male and female, you’ll be fine.

How to Craft Cake and Where to Put It

For some reason, Pals must have cake during the lovemaking process; it must have something to do with the sugar I bet. One cake will be enough for one egg, and if you keep the box filled up with cake, the Pals will continue making eggs. To craft a Cake, you’ll need the following ingredients:

Flour can be obtained by creating a "Wheat Plantation" iconWheat Plantation at your base, and then placing the wheat it produces into the mill to create the Flour. You’ll need "Wheat Seeds" iconWheat Seeds to start this process, which you’ll find drop off "Dinossom" iconDinossoms, "Cinnamoth" iconCinnamoths, "Robinquill" iconRobinquills, "Bristla" iconBristlas, and many more. Milk can be obtained by defeating any of the cow-like Pals, such as "Mozzarina" iconMozzarinas. Honey is a bit tougher to come by, so you’ll need to get it from the "Elizabee" iconElizabee and "Beegarde" iconBeegarde Pals found in the Snowy Mountain Fork area. You can purchase some ingredients including "Wheat" iconWheat Seeds, Berry Seed, Milk, and Eggs from the merchant in the small settlement situated southwest of the Tower of the Rayne Syndicate. Once you have the ingredients, select the Cake in the "Cooking Pot" iconCooking Pot, and get one of your Pals to cook it. This takes an absolute age to cook, so make sure you use a Pal with the highest kindling stat, as it’ll quicken the process.

(1 of 4) To make cake, you’ll need Honey. Elizabees are a good source of this, and you’ll find them near the Snowy Fork area.

How to Incubate an Egg in Palworld

When the egg has been laid, you’ll need to place it in an "Egg Incubator" iconEgg Incubator, unlocked at level 7 under the Ancient Technology section, which means you’ll need to defeat a few bosses to unlock and get the required materials to craft it. Once you have the incubator, pick up the egg, and place it in the incubator. Now all you need to do is wait, which can take up to a couple of real-life hours. This process can be quickened by placing specific tools near the incubator depending on what is needed; the incubator will say something like “seems a little hot”. This means you need to cool it down, which can be done by placing an electric cooler next to it or a heater if it’s the opposite. When the time elapses, you’ll have your new Pal!

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