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Wild Egg Locations and What Pals Hatch From Them - Palworld

Jessica Dillon

Wild eggs can be found all around the Palpagos Islands in Palworld. The eggs can spawn at any time and give you a large number of obtainable Pals. During the early game, eggs can give you access to new Pal types and come in three sizes, with Huge "Egg" iconEggs being the most rare and sought-after. The guide below goes over where wild eggs spawn, how to find Huge Eggs, and what Pals can hatch from each egg type.

Find a Large Damp Egg in the middle of a lake.

Where Do Wild Eggs Spawn in Palworld

Eggs in Palworld seem to have set spawn points, with many of the early ones spawning alongside the edge of rivers or near the top of mountains. These aren’t the same as the small white eggs you find around the map, as these are only used in cooking. The spawns seem to rotate out, meaning that it will likely take a few in-game days before you have a chance to see the egg in the same spot. According to current player findings there are around 100 locations that eggs can spawn from in Palworld. In our tests, we only had a couple of eggs reappear during a 30 time period, and of those we did find, they seemed to switch typing. Egg types also seem to be a bit randomized as we consistently found fire and ground eggs near the ocean. In the colder areas you will tend to find more "Frozen Egg" iconFrozen Eggs, while "Dragon Egg" iconDragon Eggs and "Scorching Egg" iconScorching Eggs will spawn around the volcano.

Verdant eggs, however, were found around the middle map forests, and water eggs can be found near rivers, possibly proving that there are some presets of the types that can spawn. "Common Egg" iconCommon Eggs are the most common type, while we have only found a single dragon egg. Additionally, huge and large eggs have lower spawn ranks than regular-sized ones. There are 30 different types of eggs you can find, representing the three egg sizes from all ten Pal typings. You can tell the typing by the coloring on the shell and its size when you pick them up, so there’s no chance of getting an egg you don’t want. If you are looking to make eggs of your own, then be sure to check out our breeding guide here.

Where Do Wild Huge Eggs Spawn?

Huge Eggs do spawn in the wild, but they are always in harder-to-reach areas. If you want a "Huge Dragon Egg" iconHuge Dragon Egg, for example, you will need to get a flying mount and check the cliffs and mountains around the volcano. There’s also no guarantee a Huge Egg will spawn, even if you’re at a proven spawn point. It’s possible to get a normal-sized or Large Egg from these locations. Your best bet is to take a flight around the higher-level areas and elevated points every few days to try and spot a Huge Egg.

Keep in mind that these eggs have been reported to take up to 40 hours to hatch once placed in an incubator. For many players this can be time consuming, especially since most players run their own servers and hatching time only accumulates while you are currently playing the game. If this time seems a bit long for your playstyle, then you can adjust the egg hatch time in your world settings before logging in.

All Wild Egg Pal Possibilities

While we are still pulling apart the statistics of how Palworld eggs work, and these will likely change with future versions, we do have a basic rundown of which Pals will hatch from each egg type. Each Pal will only give Pals of the same typing, so if you’re looking for a "Gobfin" iconGobfin, then you will want to try and hatch "Damp Egg" iconDamp Eggs. Additionally, it seems like the more common Pals have a higher hatch rate. Rarer Pals seem to have around half the chance of hatching, as do the other less rare Pals from the egg pool. The table below goes over all possible Pals that hatch from each type of wild egg.

Please note that this data is still being worked on, as there are many egg combinations to try out. Currently, it does not look like Lux Pals will spawn from Wild eggs. Instead, they seem to come from bred eggs.

Wild Egg Type Possible Pals
"Common Egg" iconCommon Egg "Cattiva" iconCattiva, "Chikipi" iconChikipi, "Cremis" iconCremis, "Direhowl" iconDirehowl, "Eikthyrdeer" iconEikthyrdeer, "Fenglope" iconFenglope, "Galeclaw" iconGaleclaw, "Lamball" iconLamball, "Melpaca" iconMelpaca, "Mozzarina" iconMozzarina, "Nitewing" iconNitewing, "Ribbuny" iconRibbuny, "Tocotoco" iconTocotoco, "Vixy" iconVixy, "Woolipop" iconWoolipop
"Large Common Egg" iconLarge Common Egg "Gorirat" iconGorirat, "Grintale" iconGrintale, "Lovander" iconLovander, "Lunaris" iconLunaris
"Huge Common Egg" iconHuge Common Egg "Kingpaca" iconKingpaca
"Damp Egg" iconDamp Egg "Celaray" iconCelaray, "Fuack" iconFuack, "Gobfin" iconGobfin, "Kelpsea" iconKelpsea, "Pengullet" iconPengullet, "Surfent" iconSurfent, "Teafant" iconTeafant
"Large Damp Egg" iconLarge Damp Egg "Azurobe" iconAzurobe, "Penking" iconPenking
"Huge Damp Egg" iconHuge Damp Egg "Broncherry" iconBroncherry Aqua, "Elphidran" iconElphidran Aqua, "Jormuntide" iconJormuntide, "Relaxaurus" iconRelaxaurus, "Suzaku" iconSuzaku Aqua
"Dark Egg" iconDark Egg "Cawgnito" iconCawgnito, "Daedream" iconDaedream, "Depresso" iconDepresso, "Hoocrates" iconHoocrates, "Incineram" iconIncineram, "Killamari" iconKillamari, "Leezpunk" iconLeezpunk, "Loupmoon" iconLoupmoon, "Mau" iconMau, "Vanwyrm" iconVanwyrm
"Large Dark Egg" iconLarge Dark Egg "Felbat" iconFelbat, "Helzephyr" iconHelzephyr, "Incineram Noct" iconIncineram Noct, "Katress" iconKatress, "Maraith" iconMaraith, "Nox" iconNox, "Pyrin Noct" iconPyrin Noct, "Tombat" iconTombat, "Vanwyrm" iconVanwyrm Cryst
"Huge Dark Egg" iconHuge Dark Egg "Astegon" iconAstegon, "Blazehowl Noct" iconBlazehowl Noct, "Lyleen Noct" iconLyleen Noct, "Menasting" iconMenasting, "Shadowbeak" iconShadowbeak
"Dragon Egg" iconDragon Egg "Chillet" iconChillet
"Large Dragon Egg" iconLarge Dragon Egg "Azurobe" iconAzurobe, "Dinossom" iconDinossom, "Elphidran" iconElphidran, "Quivern" iconQuivern
"Huge Dragon Egg" iconHuge Dragon Egg "Jormuntide Ignis" iconJormuntide Ignis, "Relaxaurus" iconRelaxaurus
"Electric Egg" iconElectric Egg "Dazzi" iconDazzi, "Jolthog" iconJolthog, "Sparkit" iconSparkit
"Large Electric Egg" iconLarge Electric Egg Beacon, "Rayhound" iconRayhound, "Univolt" iconUnivolt
"Huge Electric Egg" iconHuge Electric Egg "Grizzbolt" iconGrizzbolt, Urserk
"Frozen Egg" iconFrozen Egg "Chillet" iconChillet, "Hangyu" iconHangyu Cryst, "Jolthog" iconJolthog Cryst, "Mau Cryst" iconMau Cryst, "Pengullet" iconPengullet, "Reindrix" iconReindrix, "Swee" iconSwee
"Large Frozen Egg" iconLarge Frozen Egg "Cryolinx" iconCryolinx, "Foxcicle" iconFoxcicle, "Penking" iconPenking, "Reptyro" iconReptyro Cryst, "Sibelyx" iconSibelyx, "Sweepa" iconSweepa, "Vanwyrm" iconVanwyrm Cryst, "Wumpo" iconWumpo
"Huge Frozen Egg" iconHuge Frozen Egg "Kingpaca" iconKingpaca Cyst, "Mammorest" iconMammorest Cyst
"Rocky Egg" iconRocky Egg "Dumud" iconDumud, "Fuddler" iconFuddler, "Gumoss" iconGumoss, "Hangyu" iconHangyu, "Rushoar" iconRushoar
"Large Rocky Egg" iconLarge Rocky Egg "Digtoise" iconDigtoise, "Eikthyrdeer Terra" iconEikthyrdeer Terra, "Reptyro" iconReptyro, "Reptyro" iconReptyro Cryst, "Robinquill Terra" iconRobinquill Terra, "Surfent Terra" iconSurfent Terra
"Huge Rocky Egg" iconHuge Rocky Egg "Anubis" iconAnubis, "Menasting" iconMenasting, "Warsect" iconWarsect
"Scorching Egg" iconScorching Egg "Arsox" iconArsox, "Flambelle" iconFlambelle, "Foxparks" iconFoxparks, "Gobfin Ignis" iconGobfin Ignis, "Incineram" iconIncineram, "Kelpsea Ignis" iconKelpsea Ignis, "Leezpunk Ignis" iconLeezpunk Ignis, "Rooby" iconRooby, "Vanwyrm" iconVanwyrm
"Large Scorching Egg" iconLarge Scorching Egg "Blazehowl" iconBlazehowl, "Bushi" iconBushi, "Kitsun" iconKitsun, "Pyrin" iconPyrin, "Pyrin Noct" iconPyrin Noct, "Ragnahawk" iconRagnahawk, "Reptyro" iconReptyro, "Wixen" iconWixen
"Huge Scorching Egg" iconHuge Scorching Egg "Blazamut" iconBlazamut, "Blazehowl Noct" iconBlazehowl Noct, "Faleris" iconFaleris, "Jormuntide Ignis" iconJormuntide Ignis, "Suzaku" iconSuzaku
"Verdant Egg" iconVerdant Egg "Beegarde" iconBeegarde, "Bristla" iconBristla ,"Caprity" iconCaprity , "Cinnamoth" iconCinnamoth , "Flopie" iconFlopie , "Gumoss" iconGumoss, "Lifmunk" iconLifmunk, "Tanzee" iconTanzee
"Large Verdant Egg" iconLarge Verdant Egg "Broncherry" iconBroncherry, "Dinossom" iconDinossom, "Mossanda" iconMossanda, "Robinquill" iconRobinquill, "Robinquill Terra" iconRobinquill Terra
"Huge Verdant Egg" iconHuge Verdant Egg "Broncherry" iconBroncherry Aqua, "Elizabee" iconElizabee, "Lyleen" iconLyleen, "Mammorest" iconMammorest, "Petallia" iconPetallia, "Vaelet" iconVaelet, "Verdash" iconVerdash, "Warsect" iconWarsect, "Wumpo Botan" iconWumpo Botan

Due to the vast amount of Pals that are in the egg pool, we recommend picking up eggs whenever possible. Large Eggs and Huge Eggs should take priority if you’re limited on inventory space since they are much rarer spawns that can produce rarer pals. Keep in mind that every hatched Pal will start out at level one. All of these Pals can be caught in the wild at higher levels, and you are better off using breeding if you’re trying to get specific stats. If you’re looking for some good breeding combinations, then check out our guide for best breeding combinations here.

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