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Where to Find Raganhawk Pal Locations - Palworld

Jessica Dillon

Raganhawk is a flying Pal in Palworld that can help you get around the map quickly. He doubles as a powerful Pal that can boost your attack when you’re riding him, making fighting much easier. Finding Raganhawk can take some time, as he’s only found in one area of the map, and it’s hard to reach until late-game. The guide below goes over where to find Raganhawk and what Pals to breed to get him early.

Raganhawk is a flying Pal that can pack a punch.

Where to Find Raganhawk - Palworld

Raganhawk is a Fire type Pal that is great in combat. There is no Alpha Form on the map, so you will need to catch the regular version of this Pal. Raganhawk Pals can be found flying around the southern shore and west of Mount Obsidian. The nearest eagle statue is at the Beach of Everlasting Summer. Be careful, as they usually spawn in groups, and you can end up with several Raganhawks attacking you. The area requires you to wear heat-resistant armor to survive and typically has Pals in their late 30s to early 40s, making captures rather difficult. To get Raganhawk you will at least need a "Hyper Sphere" iconHyper Sphere or an "Ultra Sphere" iconUltra Sphere. This Pal is weak against Water type Pals, so using a Pal like "Penking" iconPenking will be beneficial.

Raganhawk Attributes and Flying Mount

There is also a chance that Raganhawk can hatch from a wild "Large Scorching Egg" iconLarge Scorching Egg. These randomly spawn throughout the map, but you will have the greatest chance of finding them around Mount Obsidian. The hatched Raganhawk will only be level one. If you’re a lower level player, this can be the easiest way to obtain the Pal. When caught or defeated, Raganhawk will drop a "Flame Organ" iconFlame Organ. This Pal comes with "Kindling" iconKindling three and "Transporting" iconTransporting three. It can also be ridden once you unlock the Raganhawk Saddle at level 37. This Pal will likely come with "Sand Tornado" iconSand Tornado and "Flare Storm" iconFlare Storm.

How to Breed Raganhawk

There are a few different breeding combinations that you can use to get Raganhawk. If you need help getting started with breeding, check out our guide here. The table below goes over each combination.

Sadly, most of the Pals listed above won’t be available until the mid-game, with "Relaxaurus" iconRelaxaurus and "Cinnamoth" iconCinnamoth being the easiest pair to find early. Raganhawk will be born with the "Air Cannon" iconAir Cannon move but will learn their first Fire type move at level seven, which is "Spirit Fire" iconSpirit Fire.

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