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Best Pals For Attack Boosting - Palworld

Jessica Dillon

Palworld gives players a lot of room for creativity in battle and even includes Pals that can boost attacks. These Pals will give attacks of their same typing a boost when they are in your party, helping you to take down tougher foes. The guide below goes over every Pal that can boost Pal attacks in Palworld.

Kelpsea boosts water type attacks with its Aqua Spout skill.

Every Attack Boosting Pal - Palworld

Palworld has many layers to its battle strategy, one of which revolves around building teams based on Pal Skills. There are several Pals who will boost attacks of their party members if they are the same typing. These Pals can be combined together on a team to help stack damage. The table below contains every damage-boosting Pal and what attack types they buff.

Pal Boosted Attack Type
"Beegarde" iconBeegarde Increase "Elizabee" iconElizabee’s Stats
"Bristla" iconBristla Increases Grass Attacks
"Cremis" iconCremis Increases Neutral Attacks
"Dumud" iconDumud Increases Ground Attacks
"Elizabee" iconElizabee Boosts Its Own Stats Based on "Beegarde" iconBeegarde’s in Your Party
"Foxcicle" iconFoxcicle Increases Ice Attacks
"Hoocrates" iconHoocrates Increases Dark Attacks
"Kelpsea" iconKelpsea Increases Water Attacks
"Kelpsea Ignis" iconKelpsea Ignis Increases Fire Attacks
"Ribbuny" iconRibbuny Increases Neutral Attacks
"Rooby" iconRooby Boosts Fire Attacks
"Sparkit" iconSparkit Boosts Electric Attacks
"Swee" iconSwee Increases "Sweepa" iconSweepa’s Attacks
"Sweepa" iconSweepa Boost Its Own Attack Based on "Swee" iconSwee’s in Your Party

In addition, Pals like "Suzaku" iconSuzaku will increase damage from their attacks when you are riding them, and Pals like "Frostallion" iconFrostallion will apply their typing to player’s attacks. Other Pals, like Robinqull, will boost the player’s attack when hitting a weak point on the enemy. This can help you deal more damage than your Pals in some cases. Additionally, these Pals can stack. If you place five "Rooby" iconRooby in your party, then your fire attacks will be boosted five times. You will want to experiment with this to ensure that you are making the most powerful boosts.

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