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Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 Act 2 Shadowlands Map

Craig Robinson

Act 2 is an interesting Act, with a lot of the map cut off from you as part of the main story progression. Once you access a "Moonlantern" iconMoonlantern, much of the Act 2 content opens up. Moreso, this act also offers you content based on your decisions on if you took the "Underdark" iconUnderdark or Mountain pass. The idea behind this Act 2 Map page is to essentially serve as a way to find out which locations are important to visit, along with each area having a little list of quests or treasures worth picking up or doing, depending on whether you sway more towards the Harpers or the Absolute, and whether you did the "Druid Grove" iconDruid Grove defense or helped the Absolute assault it.

To properly get to explore the Act 2 map, you will need the Moonlantern. Both the main quest hubs at the Moonrise Tower and the Last Light Inn both offer quests that help you get to this position. Also, there’s a few differences inside content too. If you sided with Minthara, then Halsin is likely dead, and cuts off a few quests. If you fought off the Absolute from the !Druids, you get a few more quests to complete with Halsin, those in Last Light Inn, and other locations dotted around Moonrise and the "House of Healing" iconHouse of Healing. It’s important Context, as otherwise, you may be chasing quests you cannot do.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Act 2 Shadowlands Map

Here is a Map of the Shadowlands in Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3.

With the image above, you can use the icons and other notes to reference what things go where. We have a little list of quests, treasures, and other important notes about each POI on the map and what you can expect.

Last Light Inn

  • Free Art Cullough.
  • "Lift the Shadow Curse" iconLift the Shadow Curse - Halsin Quest.
  • Selunite Resistance - Inside the Inn Cellar, found via a secret room behind an explosive wall, and a cobweb-ridden door.
  • Main Story content for those who side with the Harpers. Eventually leads you to a boss fight where you can get a Moonlantern from.

House in the Shadows

  • Hide and Seek / Light the Shadow Curse Objective.

House of Healing

  • Quest Objective as part of the Art Cullogh Quest.
  • You can also find some Tieflings here and get access to a trader if you saved the Tieflings and !Druids during Act 1.

Mason’s Guild

  • Part of the Selunite Resistance quest, which you start in the Last Light Inn.

The Waning Moon

  • Optional Act 2 Mini-Boss.
  • Also a quest objective as part of the "Punish the Wicked" iconPunish the Wicked Quest, which you pick up from the location on the far right of the map.
  • You can find a secret potion stash near the road to Baldur’s Gate to make some very powerful potions if you read the recipe books in Brewer’s secret room.

Toll House

  • Optional Act 2 Mini-Boss.
  • Lots of gold, treasure and magical items you can find.

Grand Mausoleum

  • Main Quest location that you get brought to after dealing with the main story content at Last Light Inn and "Moonrise Towers" iconMoonrise Towers.
  • One of the destinations for the Nightsong questline.
  • Also, it is a location for a Raphael side quest that you pick up when you get closer.

Moonrise Towers

  • "Rescue the Tieflings" iconRescue the Tieflings.
  • "Rescue Wulbren" iconRescue Wulbren and the gnomes.
  • Grab a Moon lantern from Balthazar’s room as part of the main storyline.
  • Rescue Minthara - if you decide to spare her if you sided with her during the Druid Grove story arc.
  • "Rescue the Grand Duke" iconRescue the Grand Duke - The main storyline will eventually update you on the Rescue the Grand Duke Quest.


The areas of the map marked with Treasures are places with notable rewards for accessing. For the most part, these offer decent treasure, which you can either access via secret rooms in some locations of quests or are given clues as part of the journey. Others require secret keys or lock picking, which are part of starting quests or other content.

You can find these near the barns in the Shadowlands or abandoned houses, as shown with the treasure map icon.

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