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Baldur's Gate 3

Best Armor and Weapons in Baldur's Gate 3 Act 1

Craig Robinson

Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3 is filled with a wide range of armor and weapons to give players some really good starting points for weapons and armor, for a variety of playstyles. No matter your build or playstyle, there is something for players to stumble upon while exploring, questing or fighting bosses. Here are the best armor and weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3 Act 1 to get a number of your builds started, or ready for the real challenges to come in Act 2 and beyond.

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Best Weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3 Act 1

(1 of 3) The Everburn Blade is the best weapon in Baldur’s Gate 3 Act 1, with only 1 item beating it at the end of the Act, which requires a hard boss fight to get.

The best weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3 Act 1 are a mixture of weapons you get from quests and exploring through the Act. These weapons are largely for martial classes, but, you do get the occasional great ranged weapon or caster weapon for other classes. It’s likely the really good stuff for casters and rangers drop much later on in the game.

Item Users Location Details
"Staff of Arcane Blessing" iconStaff of Arcane Blessing !Cleric, !Paladin Inside the basement of the "Arcane Tower" iconArcane Tower in the "Underdark" iconUnderdark Adds an extra 1d4 to "Bless" iconBless
"Blooded Greataxe" iconBlooded Greataxe !Barbarian, !Fighter, !Paladin Found in the "Shattered Sanctum" iconShattered Sanctum as of full release. Grants extra 1d4 slashing damage when the wielder drops below 50% HP.
"Light of Creation" iconLight of Creation !Paladin, !Fighter, !Barbarian Drops after defeating the Warforge boss in the "Arcane Tower" iconArcane Tower, the "Underdark" iconUnderdark. You will likely need to equip with Sparskwall, which is a ring found in the basement of the "Arcane Tower" iconArcane Tower, as that negates its debuff. This is one damage stronger than the Everburn Blade, but you can only get it around level 5.
"Everburn Blade" iconEverburn Blade Paladin, !Fighter, !Barbarian If you defeat the demon on the "Nautiloid" iconNautiloid Literally the best damage weapon in act 1. You can get it from the Prologue if you’re skilled and lucky. The only thing that beats it is the Light of Creation, which requires you to beat a boss in the "Underdark" iconUnderdark around level 4 or 5.
Adamantine Weapons and armor All martial-themed classes At the end of the "Underdark" iconUnderdark, you can forge one item at the Adamantine forge, which is either a shield, longsword, chainmail medium armor or heavy armor. These are often good, and add Reeling to your items to make enemies hit weaker. Pick which one your party needs the most.
"Sussur Dagger" iconSussur Dagger, "Sussur Greatsword" iconSussur Greatsword, "Sussur Sickle" iconSussur Sickle All martial classes Susser weapons are unlocked by doing the forge a master weapon quest, taking the bark from the Susser tree in the "Underdark" iconUnderdark. The best one is the Rogue dagger, since good daggers are rare in Act 1, and typically only get +1 daggers. But you can get a good sword too.
Phalar Aluve !Cleric, !Rogue, !Fighter, Barb, !Paladin A Sword in a stone in the "Underdark" iconUnderdark, near the Selunite Temple. This requires you to pick up the item from a stone, which requires you to draw blood in role-play options. It grants decent slashing damage and +1 weapon enchantment.
"The Spellsparkler" iconThe Spellsparkler Casters Awarded for the Rescue the Grand Duke quest. Grant lighting charges on spell hit.
"The Joltshooter" iconThe Joltshooter !Rangers One of three rewards you can choose from the "Rescue the Grand Duke" iconRescue the Grand Duke quest Blue quality bow which grants electric charges.
"Vision of the Absolute" iconVision of the Absolute !Fighter, Barbs, !Paladin Crafted combining two spear pieces, one from the Owlbear mother, and another from the corpse of the absolute man above the Owlbear cave. 1d8 piercing damage, comes with rush, a chance to blind and a 2d8 damage roll against creatures with more than two eyes. Aka most things in the "Underdark" iconUnderdark.
Sword of Justice !Paladin, !Fighter, Barb Kill "Karlach" iconKarlach for the Tyr !Paladins Grants "Pommel Strike" iconPommel Strike, leave, lacerate, and Tyr’s Protection, a 2 AC cantrip to cast built in.
"Sword of Screams" iconSword of Screams !Rogue, !Bard, and other finesse proficiency users. Drops from True Soul Nere at the "Grymforge" iconGrymforge. Rapier with 1d4 psychic damage modifier on top.
Staff of Crones Spore !Druid, Necromancer !Wizard In the back room of the Hag side quest. Gives Poison spit, which works with Necromancers and Spore Druid playstyles.
"The Blood of Lathander" iconThe Blood of Lathander !Cleric, !Fighter, !Paladin Looted during the Githyanki Creche hidden dungeon. Solve the puzzle or escape with your life to claim this weapon. Grants "Sunbeam" iconSunbeam as a long rest spell on the weapon, perfect for annihilating the undead in Act 2, which is right around the corner when you get this weapon.

Best Armor in Baldur’s Gate 3 Act 1

(1 of 3) You can craft yourself some great Adamantine Armor by completing the Adamantine Forge at the end of Act 1.

There is a lot of fluff in the start of the game, with many amulets offering really niche uses like detect thoughts, speak to dead and more. While these add some interesting dynamics to role play every now and then, they are not really great to wear all the time. The best armor pieces in Baldur’s Gate 3 Act 1 are the ones you will want to wear all the time, or combo effectively with other items.

Item Users Location Details
Bracers of Defense Monk, Barbarian Inside the "Search the Cellar" iconSearch the Cellar room below the "Blighted Village" iconBlighted Village in a container in the main lab room. Grants +2AC if not wearing armor or holding a shield.
"Shadow of Menzoberranzan" iconShadow of Menzoberranzan !Rogue, !Ranger, !Monk, Casters Myconid Colony Treasure Room in the "Underdark" iconUnderdark. Turns the wearer invisible using "Shrouded in Shadow" iconShrouded in Shadow.
"Disintegrating Night Walkers" iconDisintegrating Night Walkers !Rogue, !Ranger, !Monk Drops from the Absolute Boss in the "Grymforge" iconGrymforge, "Underdark" iconUnderdark. Grants the ability to teleport to a nearby location once per rest.
"Grymskull Helm" iconGrymskull Helm Martial classes Drops from the Grym boss in the Adamantine Forge Can’t be crit. Attackers are sent Reeling for 2 turns.
"The Blast Pendant" iconThe Blast Pendant !Sorcerer, !Cleric On a dead Drow to the side of the Selunite Temple in the "Underdark" iconUnderdark. Empowers your next Lightning spell.
"Blazer of Benevolence" iconBlazer of Benevolence !Bard Awarded by completing the "Rescue Volo" iconRescue Volo quest. Save him from the "Shattered Sanctum" iconShattered Sanctum, and you complete the quest in your camp. Gain temporary hit points when healing an ally with "Bardic Inspiration" iconBardic Inspiration.
Springstep Boots !Rogue, !Ranger, !Monk "Shattered Sanctum" iconShattered Sanctum inside a Treasure Crates, behind Dror Ragzlin throne. Grants Momentum when using dash or dash-like skills.
"Cap of Curing" iconCap of Curing !Bard Found in a chest near the bard Tiefling on a hill in the Druid Grove. "Heal" iconHeals when you buff an ally using "Bardic Inspiration" iconBardic Inspiration.
"Helmet of Smiting" iconHelmet of Smiting !Paladin Found in a chest in the Selunite Temple in the "Underdark" iconUnderdark. You will need to solve the Defiled Temple Moon Puzzle to access the temple. Temporary hit points when you apply conditions using Smites
"The Watersparkers" iconThe Watersparkers Any From the cellar under the windmill in the "Blighted Village" iconBlighted Village Electrifies water you stand in. If you start your turn in electrified water, gain 3 lightning charges.
"The Sparkswall" iconThe Sparkswall Anyone In the basement of the "Arcane Tower" iconArcane Tower in the "Underdark" iconUnderdark. Makes the wielder immune to being shocked. Needed for either Tempest Clerics or those who use the "Light of Creation" iconLight of Creation.
Wapira’s Crown !Cleric, !Ranger, !Bard, !Paladin Awarded after completing the Druid Grove Roll 1d6 after healing an ally. The result heals the wearer.
"Broodmother's Revenge" iconBroodmother’s Revenge Any martial class You can get it from Kargha if she dies in one of many various methods, such as siding with the Absolute, dying to the mother, or you kill her for the Shadow !Druid or Tiefling storyline. When the wielder is healed, the amulet drips poison on its weapon.
"Reason's Grasp" iconReason’s Grasp Barbarian Inside a locked chest in the top end of the cave where you rescue the shipment caravan guards sieged by the hyena and gnolls. 15 temp hit points when you end your rage.
"Abyss Beckoners" iconAbyss Beckoners Warlock, Beast Master Ranger Inside the locked cell in the Zhantarim Hideout guarded by two wolves. Makes your summoned companion resistant to all damage except Psychic. But, they must succeed a wisdom saving throw at the start of their turn, or they are driven Mad.
"Pearl of Power Amulet" iconPearl of Power Amulet Casters Sold by Omeluum in the Myconid Camp. Grants the wearer "Pearlescent Restoration" iconPearlescent Restoration: Can restore spell slots of your choice.
"Ring of Salving" iconRing of Salving Healers Sold by Omeluum in the Myconid Camp. You restore an additional 2 hit points whenever you heal an ally.
"Bracers of Defence" iconBracers of Defence No armor classes, especially Monk Found during the Search The Cellar quest of the Alchemy store in "Blighted Village" iconBlighted Village. Boosts AC if you are not wearing an armor type.
"Diadem of Arcane Synergy" iconDiadem of Arcane Synergy Battle mage, Lockadin, etc Drops from the Ardent Jhe’rezath in the Githyanki Creche area of the Roswyn Monastery. Arcane Synergy: Weapon Attacks deal additional damage equal to affected entity’s Spell Casting Ability Modifier, meaning this the BiS helmet for battle mage builds, adding lots of additional bonuses.
"Gloves of Dexterity" iconGloves of Dexterity Any Sold by the Githynaki trader in the Creche. Ideal gloves for anyone looking for a huge boost to Initiative, or granting better ability score scaling on Dex builds like Ranger, Rogue or Monk.
"Daredevil Gloves" iconDaredevil Gloves Casters Gityanki trader at the Creche. +1 to Spell Attack Rolls and a toggle feature to allow players to cast in melee range. Solid for both casters and battle mage builds. Likely not replaced till Act 3.

Act 1 Legendary Weapon in Baldur’s Gate 3

For those of you looking to get a legendary item in Act 1 of BG3, be aware there is such a thing. Players can get their hands on "The Blood of Lathander" iconThe Blood of Lathander, which is a legendary mace skill with a strong healing effect and "Sunbeam" iconSunbeam. It also comes with an effect that grants it really strong bonuses against Undead. For the most part, this weapon is incredibly strong as many creatures in Act 2 are considered Undead, and therefore, it should be a weapon someone in your party brings to battle.

To get this weapon, you simply need to find the hidden vault room located in the Inquisitor’s room beside some statues on one side of the room. You can either break in and steal it, and disarm or flee the trap. Or you can solve the painting puzzles in the monastery proper. You can read a guide on how to get Blood of Lathander here.

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How does the Blood of Lathander not make your list of best weapons?

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This was an oversight on my end since it was initially published during Early Access and updated to remove the items they changed or moved to Act 3 at launch. I'll add it in now.

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How does the Blood of Lathander not make your list of best weapons?

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This was an oversight on my end since it was initially published during Early Access and updated to remove the items they changed or moved to Act 3 at launch. I'll add it in now.

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