There are a total of 11 Riddles located on Bleake Island and they can be found in the following locations:

Riddle 01

“Bones stripped bare beneath a warning light, pay heed, seafarers. Not to feel his bite.”

Map Co-ordinates: 1291, 2028

This Riddle can be found inside the building beneath the crane on the small island to the north of Bleake Island. Scan the smoking pile of bones in the room here to solve the puzzle.

Riddle 02

“A bat uses these to see at night, the doc’s didn’t work and his cure caused a fright.”

Map Co-ordinates: 1648, 2125

To reach this riddle, you must first gain access to the ‘Langstrom’s Laboratory’ area in Chinatown. This requires that we complete the first part of the ‘Creature of the Night’ Most Wanted mission.

Once you are able to enter the building, take the lift down and follow the hallway until you enter a laboratory area. As soon as you pass through the door look for the whiteboard on the wall to your left. Scan this to solve the Riddle.

Riddle 03

“An open house for bed and dinner, is this sanctuary run by saint or sinner?”

Map Co-ordinates: 1635, 2240

This is located at ground level – you’ll want to scan the ‘Deacon’s Mission’ sign on the side of the road to solve the Riddle .

Riddle 04

”Joining your mission can come with a cost, this empty reminder shows just what she’s lost”.

Map Co-ordinates: 1635, 2240

The solution to this Riddle is located inside the secret Batcomputer room at the top of Oracle’s Clock Tower. Activate the statue bust to transform the room so that the Batcomputer is active. Look for a control panel that we can interact with using the Remote Hacking Device. This will open a small closet nearby and reveal a Bat Suit. Scan this to solve the Riddle.

Riddle 05

“You weren’t invited to this lavish do, I wonder how many went dressed as you?”

Map Co-ordinates: 2096, 2250

On the third floor of the lower section of the Clock Tower there is a poster for a Masquerade Ball. Scan this to complete the Riddle .

Riddle 06

“Hope shines brightly in a city this dark, find the source of that signal and you’ll soon hit your mark.”

Map Co-ordinates: 2399, 2633

On the roof of the GCPD HQ building you will find the Bat Signal. Scan this to solve the Riddle .

Riddle 07

“Overgrown, abandoned, the inmates set free, madness could never be held in me.”

Map Co-ordinates: 2329, 3159

Look directly east across the water from the water tower on top of the Falcone’s shipping building to spot Arkham Asylum. Scan this to solve the Riddle .

Riddle 08

“She stands at our centre that we may not weaken, a symbol of hope, a towering beacon.”

Map Co-ordinates: 2483, 2285

Scan the Lady of Gotham statue on the small island in the centre of the three main islands to solve the Riddle .

Riddle 09

“Always looking for names to besmirch, where does this newsman conduct his research?”

Map Co-ordinates: GCPD HQ

Look in the ‘Interrogation Room’ in the maximum security lockup area. Scan the table covered with folders, pictures and documents in here to solve the Riddle .

Riddle 10

“A souvenir from a previous life, why hold a hand when a hook will suffice?”

Map Co-ordinates: GCPD HQ

Find Aaron Cash in the CGPD precinct. Scan the small family portrait sitting on the table next to him to complete the Riddle .

Riddle 11

“Business is best when a Bat needs killing, a mercenaries file should receive top billing.”

Map Co-ordinates: GCPD HQ

Scan the pinup board in the ‘Communications Room’ with the picture of Deathstroke, Arkham Knight and Scarecrow. This will solve the Riddle .


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