Objective: Head to Wayne Tower

With our new objective in hand, we’ll need to head on back to Wayne Tower again, which you’ll remember is located in the south-eastern corner of Miagani Island. This time, we’ll need to head into the parking garage downstairs. Park in the Batmobile objective marker and wait for the door to open before proceeding inside.

As soon as you move the Batmobile into position by the elevators, you’ll be ambushed by a group of Drone Tanks that will stream in from the front, from the left and down the ramp that you just came in from. This particular ambush is made up of 20 Drone Tanks, broken down into nine of the standard Rattler units, six Mambas and five Diamondbacks.

Head into the basement of Wayne Tower (left) for a large-scale Drone Tank battle (right).

The parking garage is quite a small area with limited movement. Make use of the central structure to help block the incoming missile strikes from the Mambas if you are unable to shoot them down or are at an odd angle. Using our dodge and finer Battle Mode movement is required during this encounter to weave between the various enemy firing lines. Again, do your best to take down as many enemies as you can without taking too many hits to build up your Missile Barrage and let it loose to help thin out the numbers!

Once the fight is over, park the Batmobile in the parking spot indicated for a short scene showing our newest upgrade being applied – Sonar.

Objective: Use Batmobile Sonar to locate and release the plant on Miagani Island

Now that we have our Sonar equipped, we can use it whilst in Battle Mode to track root systems on the mini-map. The roots appear as white outlines on the mini-map and their source (and your target) will appear as a small red dot. We’ll need to follow the roots to their source to find the next objective.

Whilst this sounds easy enough, it should be noted that the game will also at this point decide to re-populate the island with some additional APCs and Drone Tanks. As this is the case, keep an eye out for them or they may just attack whilst you are attempting to track down the objective location!

After grabbing the Sonar (left) use it to track down the core of the plant (right).

The roots themselves will lead you to a small alleyway just behind the Bank of Gotham building which can be found directly north of the major road leading away from Wayne Tower, and approximately half way across the island towards Mercy Bridge.

Use the sonar to position the Batmobile directly above the red dot and hold down the sonar button to unleash a Sonar Blast . This will kick off a cut-scene.

Objective: Protect the plant while it matures

As soon as you regain control of Batman, you’ll be on a rooftop. Ahead there is a second rooftop filled with Soldiers attacking the giant plant. We’ll need to take them all out! The group of hostiles is made up of 10 Soldiers (three of whom have melee weapons), a Medic and a Brute that we’ll need to deal with to continue.

After triggering the plant (left). Fly to the nearby rooftop and take down the enemies in melee combat (right).

If possible, try to target the Medic first to prevent his reviving and electrocution abilities, before focusing on the Soldiers and trying to keep your distance from the Brute until he’s left at the very end so that you can take him down without any distractions.

Upon defeating the force on the rooftops, you’ll have a few conversations on your communicator.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Strange Deadfellows

Deploy the Cloudburst countermeasures.

Trophy icon

The game will now prompt you to select your active mission, select the ‘City of Fear’ main quest to proceed with the campaign.


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