Objective: Head to Riddler’s Orphanage

With our new objective in hand, we’ll need to head to the Pinkney orphanage located on the far western end of Miagani Island. As you arrive, there will often be a Riddler informant located by the front door.

Riddler Informants are essentially exactly the same as the Thugs/Soldiers that you encounter throughout the game except unlike others, they are useful for collectible hunting. The Riddler Informants glow a bright green colour. To get the information from them, we need to beat up any enemies that are in the same area so that only the Informant remains. We can then interrogate them to have some of the Riddler Collectibles added to the world map.

Enter the orphanage to continue. When you reach the main room, head over and interact with Catwoman to untie her. This will trigger a fight.

Make your way to Pinkney Orphanage (left). Inside youll need to fight off a group of Riddler Robots (right)

We’ll now participate in our first dual-combatant fight. As both Catwoman and Batman are in the same room, fighting the same enemies, we can actually switch between them and fight as either. Catwoman’s attacks are similar to those of Batman, but have their own animations. It should also be noted that you can perform dual-attack takedowns when our combo meter fills enough.

Take down the 10 Riddler Robots for another conversation. Afterwards, we can now exit the Orphanage.

As you exit, the game will prompt you to select your active mission, select the ‘City of Fear’ main quest to proceed with the campaign.


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