The ‘Heir to the Cowl’ Most Wanted mission, like most others takes place through a number of sections in several tricky to find locations throughout Gotham City. There are two major sections to this side-mission and the bulk of the content involves finding specific rooftop areas around the city and undertaking short combat challenges.

The aforementioned combat challenges involve players taking control of Azrael for a short period of time. Fortunately Azrael handles pretty much identically to batman and even has access to the same quick-fire gadgets. In order to complete the challenges, you must defeat all of the enemy combatants without taking a hit. Any damage that you take during one of the challenges will immediately end it. You’ll be given the opportunity to retry as many times as you like to get it right though, so practice makes perfect and all that!

Part 1: Combat Challenges

As mentioned above, you’ll need to track down and complete four combat challenges around Gotham City to progress. You can find the challenges in the following locations:

You'll find Azrael by burning bat symbols (left) and you'll have to complete combat challenges (right)

Challenge 01: Miagani Island

Map co-ordinates: (3043,2667)

Description: On top of the Giani store rooftop near downtown Miagani Island.

Speak with Azrael on the rooftop to trigger the challenge. You’ll face off against eight Thugs and you’ll need to knock them out without taking a hit to complete the section. As they are all standard enemies so you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting them all down.

Challenge 02: Founders’ Island

Map co-ordinates: (2727,1447)

Description: On the rooftop of the building directly south of the fire station in Otisburg.

Speak with Azrael on the rooftop to trigger the challenge. This time around you’ll face off against seven Thugs (three of whom have melee weapons) and a Brute. Remember that you’ll need to knock them all out without taking a hit to complete the section. As with our usual plan of attack in these circumstances, focus on downing the regular enemies and grab a melee weapon to damage the Brute quicker.

As you will have fought fights with this kind of makeup throughout the game, it shouldn’t pose too much of a challenge.

The second challenge can be found on Founders' Island (left) and the third on Bleake Island (right).

Challenge 3: Bleake Island

Map co-ordinates: (1895,2341)

Description: This challenge is located on a rooftop just west of the large roundabout north of Oracle’s Clock Tower.

Speak with Azrael on the rooftop to trigger the challenge. This fight consists of 10 Thugs and a Medic. During this fight, it is in your best interests to attempt to single out and dispatch the Medic first to prevent him from electrifying/reviving downed enemies before moving on. Once the Medic is down, use the quick-fire Batclaw to remove the electrical charge from any electrified enemies and take the rest down as per usual.

Challenge 4: Lady of Gotham

Map co-ordinates: (2506,2242)

Description: on the platform being held by the Lady of Gotham Statue.

Speak with Azrael on top of the Lady of Gotham statue to trigger the challenge. We’ll need to fight six Combat Experts at once and this is by far the toughest of the combat challenges that we will face with Azrael. Even fighting 2-3 Combat Experts can be challenging, but we need to dispatch six of them without taking damage!

I found the best approach to this challenge was to stay on the defensive and countering any incoming attacks. This is because this enemy type is extremely fast and can perform jumping attacks from just about anywhere in the stage which can easily take you off guard if you are attacking. It’s also a good idea to avoid knife attacks by jumping over the attacker’s head before he gets his attacks away (unless you feel confident in countering them).

After you have taken 2-3 of the Combat Experts down, you can start to become a little more aggressive and actively attack the remaining enemies. You will however still want to keep your eyes peeled for attacks coming from all over the place!


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