Essentially predator sequences require you to hunt down and stealthily dispatch Thugs/Soldiers in certain areas. Usually the enemies in these locales are heavily armed and attempting a head on fight is a one way ticket to the previous checkpoint. Unfortunately, once a few enemies are taken out, enemies will become clued in to your presence and will change up patrol patterns and behaviours to try and trip you up. As such is important to use the environment to your advantage and make the most of your gadgets to move around, sneak up on, distract or takedown enemies.

As with the previous series titles, predator sequences occur relatively frequently throughout the game during the main storyline, in some of the more involved ‘Most Wanted’ missions and there is even a couple of AR Challenges dedicated to them.

Enemy Equipment

To make things a little trickier during predator sequences, the enemies will often have some special abilities or use gadgets which seem to be added progressively through the story to make things increasingly little trickier for us, especially towards the end of the game. The gadgets that the enemies can employ include:

Detective Mode Scanner – This device can be used by enemies to detect your location if you keep Detective Mode on for too long. Fortunately whilst one is active, a warning bar will appear in the centre of the screen and fill up to let you know how much time you have. With the proper upgrades it is possible to disable this with the Disruptor gadget.

Detective Mode Scrambler – This device essentially renders Detective Mode unusable. You’ll need to hunt down and take out the enemy holding it to use Detective Mode again. With the proper upgrades it is possible to disable this with the Disruptor gadget.

Incendiary Grenades – When enemies either spot you, find bodies near or suspect that Batman is hiding in subterranean vents, they will drop incendiary grenades into them. This will damage you if you are too close and will damage the grating that they dropped it into, making it inaccessible.

Proximity Mines – When enemies with proximity mines are aware of your presence, they can start laying mines. It is possible for them to plant mines both at ground level and on the vantage points above predator areas. Due to their proximity trigger, they will explode if you get too close, causing Batman damage and alerting nearby guards to your position. With the proper upgrades it is possible to disable this with the Disruptor gadget.

Sentry Turrets – After your presence has become known, in some predator areas enemies will be able to set up Sentry Drones. These can be targeted with the Remote Hacking Device and blinded temporarily. It is possible to sabotage the Sentry Turret storage containers with the Disruptor gadget so that they take out the first enemy that attempts to access it.

Boa Drones – In addition to the aforementioned gadgets, Thugs/Soldiers can also control Boa Sentry Drones. These will fly about the predator area and attack if they see you. It is possible to blind them temporarily with the Remote Hacking Device , or more usefully you can take over control of them by downloading the codes from Drone Controllers by using the Remote Hacking Device .

Minigunners - Minigunners are incredibly dangerous and are the brute equivalent of armed enemies. We can’t use a regular takedown on them, but can get them with environmental takedowns. We can also attack them head on, but this is quite noisy and will attract other enemies in the area - so if you wish to do that, you best leve them for last!

Detective Mode Scanners will cause a red bar to appear (left). The Minigunners need to be eliminated last (right).

Hiding Places & Distractions

To make the most of our time in predator sections, it is best to stay hidden and pick your targets wisely. This usually requires patiently watching enemy patrol patterns/behaviours with Detective Mode and doing your best to take down isolated enemies as to not alert others. Fortunately there are numerous ways to hide from enemies or create distractions to do just this.

Vantage Points – Most areas have vantage points or other cables/girders or other manner of high up locations from which you can observe the area. Quickly transitioning between these with the Batclaw is a good way to lose enemy attention if detected. Vantage points can also be used to perform inverted takedowns.

Tunnels – Most predator areas feature at least some underground ventilation tunnels. These are fantastic for getting around the areas undetected and often feature wall grates that can be used to transition to vantage points above behind walls. In addition to being sneaky, they also double up as locations from which you can perform silent take downs. If enemies become aware of your presence in tunnels however, they will damage them with incendiary grenades.

Gratings – Multi-levelled predator areas more often than not feature at least one grating that will allow you to quickly transition between floors. This is a great way to avoid detection or to sneak up behind unsuspecting enemies.

Weak Walls – Weak walls can be destroyed with Explosive Gel to take down enemies in close proximity on the opposite side. Weak panels/glass windows on walls/roofs can also be used to attack enemies on the far side of or beneath said obstacle.

Distractions – The Remote Hacking Device is extremely useful once you obtain it and can be used in most predator sections to create distractions. These include the hacking of generators, security consoles, escalators, automated equipment and some doors. The Voice Synthesizer can also be used to direct enemies about predator areas and the Remote Electrical charge can also be utilised on generators present in a couple of the zones to electrify pools of water. Using the Explosive Gel or Batarangs can also create noise distractions, luring enemies to the location.

Use vantage points and Detective Mode to scope out each area (left). The underground vent tunnels are a good way to get around areas undetected (right).


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