As soon as you have completed the ‘Final Exam’ challenge, collected the tenth key and freed Catwoman, try to leave Pinkney Orphanage and you’ll be confronted by the Riddler himself. This will inevitably trigger a boss fight scenario.

Boss: The Riddler

The Riddler boss fight takes part over two phases and unfortunately, unless you have found and completed every single riddle in the game, you’ll only be able to complete the first phase of the fight before he retreats. It’s all good though, as soon as you return with all of the Riddles in the bag you can continue from where you left off!

Phase 1: Riddler Robots

During the first phase, the Riddler is enveloped in a green shield that makes him pretty much invincible, so don’t even bother attacking him. He has a number of attacks including a ground slam if you are too close to him and a green death laser that he’ll shoot at either playable character which will do a good deal of damage if it hits.

The Riddler will also unleash a small army of the Riddler Robots to attack you. These are the main threats during the first phase and you will need to wipe out the lot of them whilst avoiding the Riddler’s attacks to progress. Remember that Batman can only attack the blue targets and Catwoman can only attack the red targets. The bad news is that the Riddler can also target and change the colour of any of the Riddler Robots during this phase, so be extra careful to switch between characters and attack the proper targets!

Once you have destroyed all of the Robots, phase two will commence.

Youll need to defeat all of the Riddler Robots to proceed (left). If you haven;t find all the Riddler Trophies yet, the Riddler will escape (right).

Phase 2: More Riddler Robots and the Riddler

When you return to the orphanage having solved all of the riddles in the game, the Riddler will emerge from the floor and start to attack again. He has the same moves as the first phase with a green death laser, melee attack and the ability to switch the colours of his Riddler Robot minions. As with the first phase, the boss will summon another large group of Riddler Robots to attack you.

To begin the fight this time around, you will only have access to Batman. As this is the case, you’ll need to attack and destroy the blue Robots only. The Riddler will use his laser to change some of the Robots to the red versions, so be sure to avoid hitting them as you clear out the enemies that you can destroy.

After a short period of time Catwoman will also join the fight and you’ll be able to switch between both characters once again. As always we can use Catwoman to take down the red Robots.

Youll want to dodge the death lasers (left). Approach and attack the boss when the shield goes down (right).

Once you have defeated all of the enemies, the Riddler’s shield will drop temporarily, get in close and attack him to trigger a scene which will reduce his health by a third.

After taking damage, the boss will summon another wave of Riddler Robots. Again, we’ll need to use both characters to take the lot of them down so that we can get the Riddler’s shield to drop. When it does go down, run in and perform an attack on the boss again to remove more health. We essentially need to repeat this cycle until the fight comes to a close.

After completing the fight, drive back to GCPD with your new prisoner to end the Most Wanted mission.

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Riddle Me That

Lock up the Riddler in GCPD.

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