This next section of the Most Wanted mission will activate immediately after destroying the fourth weapons cache. We’ll need to head over to Otisburg on Founders’ Island where you’ll find the objective marker leading you to a rooftop welcoming party.

The first thing you will note whilst entering the area is that there is a Detective Mode scrambler in effect, which means you’ll be unable to track the enemy movements. There is a Sniper in the middle of the rooftop and six Thugs patrolling in and around the perimeter.

Your best bet for completing this section fast is to silently remove the Sniper first, use the vantage point here to observe the patrolling enemies and sneak up and take down a couple of them quietly. Wait until a body is discovered and then when enemies group up, use a Fear Multi-Takedown to thin out the numbers.

When you have cleared the rooftop, approach the lever on the wall by the elevator and drop down the shaft to reach the lift. Hop inside and drop through the hatch in the floor to reach the bottom. Drop through one last hatch here.

After clearing the roof use the switch to open the elevator (left). Drop through the series of floor hatches to reach the vault room (right).

You’ll find yourself on a chain-linked ceiling with several hatches leading to the vault room below filled with enemies. Crouch and move through the open vent onto a support beam. Below you’ll see a Sentry Turret.

Jump across to the chain-link above the Sentry Turret and use your Remote Hacking Device to blind it. Drop to the floor and disable it. Pull the grating cover off the wall opposite the Sentry Turret and crawl through.

Crawl through the underground ventilation tunnels and follow them through until you see your friend. Follow the tunnel behind him and pop out of the vent behind the weak wall. Approach the back of the wall and hit the button prompt that appears to release him.

This will unfortunately trigger a dual fight with the rest of the enemies in the room which includes 13 Soldiers (two of which have shields) and two Brutes (one with shock sticks and the other with knives). As per usual, you’ll want to build up your combo meter and unleash dual takedowns to get rid of the brutes whilst focusing on taking out the other enemies – remember that you can use the quick Remote Electrical Charge attack to stun the Brute with the stun sticks to keep him out of action temporarily. There are also copious objects around the room that can be thrown so keep your eyes peeled for incoming projectiles!

Disable the Sentry Turret from above before dropping down (left). Free Nightwing and fight the enemies in the vault room 9right).

After the fight, enter the vault and use our Explosive Gel to destroy the weapons cache in the same as we have done previously.

After clearing the fifth vault room and destroying the final weapon cache, drive back to GCPD with your new prisoner to end the Most Wanted mission.

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Touch of Death

Apprehend the weapons dealer and lock him up in GCPD.

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