There are a massive number of collectibles littered throughout Batman: Arkham Knight’s vision of Gotham City. These can be found scattered throughout the world whilst free roaming across the three main islands that constitute the city itself as well as in several more expansive indoor areas such as Panessa Studios, the Stagg Airships and the Arkham Knight’s HQ.

Fortunately, by finding and interrogating Riddler Informants (glowing green enemies), you can add a few collectible locations to your world map. To get the information from them, we need to beat up any enemies that are in the same area so that only the Informant remains. We can then approach and hit the counter button to interrogate them. As there are more than 300 collectibles, it’s a good idea that whenever you see that green glow, you make sure to take the time to get the information!

The collectibles come in a number of different forms. This collectible locations guide will give you a brief description of each type of collectible, a brief intro on how and what they are used for and then a complete list of all of the different collectibles in the game sorted by the game’s major and secondary locations. I have included a brief description for the location of each collectible to assist you in finding them.

The different collectibles include:

179 Riddler Trophies

The Riddler Trophy collectibles are by far the most common type you’ll encounter in the game. Finding and collecting them ranges in difficulty from nabbing the simple ones sitting out in the open, all the way through to having to solve complex puzzles using serious brain power and a number of Batman’s gadgets. Simply picking them up once available will add them to your collection.

40 Riddles

The Riddles in Batman: Arkham Knight are much easier to solve once you have obtained their general location through interrogating Riddler Informants. Once you arrive in the general location of a riddle, the Riddler will read the Riddle out for you and the Riddle itself will appear on the screen. We then need to look around the immediate area, find and scan an object to solve the Riddle.

90 Destructible Objects

The destructible objects take on a couple of forms – Militia Shields, Gas Crates and Arkham Knight Robots. The shields can be found in outdoor areas and must be shot with the Batmobile to destroy them whilst the Gas Crates and Arkham Knight Robots are located indoors and can be destroyed using Batman’s gadgets. For every five destructible objects you destroy, you’ll be credited for solving a Riddle.

6 Bomb Rioters

There are six Bomb Rioters hidden throughout the city and they will continue to show up as you complete prior Bomb Rioter puzzles and earn other Riddler collectibles. When they do show up, you’ll need to make your way to the location listed and stand on the pressure plate. After a brief scene you’ll need to use your Remote Controlled Batarang to identify a unique Thug among a group of Rioters. Hitting said Thug with a charge of the Remote Electrical Charge will complete the challenge.


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