Objective: Meet with Ivy at GCPD HQ

Drive over to the GCPD building and park in the basement. When you enter the main area Cash will speak to you for a moment. Afterwards head on over to Poison Ivy’s cell and speak with her about hatching a plan together.

This will trigger a scene and we’ll end up back in the Batmobile with another objective. Drive up to the exit and the door will only open a fraction – there’s a new type of Drone Tank outside and we’ll need to go and scope it out.

Objective: Scan the Cobra Drone to identify a weakness

Crawl beneath the half open garage door and you’ll see the Drone Tank in question – this is a Cobra. The Cobra’s weapons are extremely powerful and its thick armour make it pretty much impervious to any attack. It does however have a weakness and we’ll need to scan the Cobra to figure out what it is.

To scan the Cobra we’ll need to use our Batclaw to grapple our way to rooftops, signposts and other raised areas out of sight of the tank whilst following it around. Our goal is to scan the weapons, the Drone Tank’s left and right sides as well as the rear of the vehicle with our Detective Mode scanner – note that if you don’t want to get in too close, you can use the zoom function to get a closer view.

Exit the GCPD precinct and use the rooftops to scan the Cobra Tank from various angles.

After scanning all of the points of interest on the tank, we’ll figure out its weakness – the power core on the back! Let’s return to the Batmobile and prepare to take it down.

Objective: Destroy the Arkham Knight’s Cobra Drone

Destroying the Cobra is actually fairly easy – a single locked on shot to the glowing section on their backs will destroy them. You can use the mini-map/radar that appears to track the orientation and general location of the Cobra. When you do find it, you’ll spot the blue lasers emanating from the front of the tank, these are scanning for the Batmobile and will lock you on if detected and fire missiles – you’ll want to avoid being hit by these, they cause a silly amount of damage.

Destroying it is simply a matter of outmanoeuvring the Cobra. Utilise your Battle Mode for finer control and exploit the array of side-alleys, buildings and tunnels to help you sneak around your opponent – just keep an eye on the mini-map to keep track of its location and be sure to move on in a hurry if you see it moving in on your position and re-calculate your approach.

Youll need to manouver around behind the Cobra and hit it in the back to destroy it.

Once you are behind the tank, simply sit behind it in Battle Mode until the Batmobile locks on and then shoot a single tank shell to blow it up.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

With a Vengeance!

Take on the heavy artillery reinforcements.

Trophy icon

Objective: Equip a new Secondary Weapon for the Batmobile at the Clock Tower

After destroying the Cobra Drone Tank, Lucius will get in touch with you to let you know that the Batmobile upgrade that you selected earlier on the Stagg airships is now available to be installed. The upgrade will appear by loading zone beneath Oracle’s Clock Tower.

Head over to the objective marker at ground level and either drive your Batmobile onto it or summon the Batmobile whilst on top of it and head into the doorway that opens to trigger a brief scene showing the upgrade being fitted.

Objective: Take Ivy to the Botanical Gardens

With our newly upgraded Batomobile, it’s time to head on back to Miagani Island and make tracks for the Botanical gardens.

Unfortunately, as soon as you cross a bridge onto Miagani Island, you’ll be informed that three Cobra Drone Tanks have now been deployed to the island in a bid to stop you. As this is the case, we are going to have to take them all down before we can continue with our mission.

We’ll need to approach this scenario in the same manner we did for the single tank we just destroyed. Essentially we need to use our mini-map/radar to sneak up on all three tanks whilst avoiding detection, lock on and shoot their weak spots. It’s a good idea to isolate each tank and take them down one at a time.

Defeating three Cobras is the same as defeating one - get around behind them and shoot the weak spot!

Destroying one of these Cobras will have the knock on effect of alerting any other nearby Cobras (they’ll turn to a red colour on the mini-map) and they will quickly converge on your location. As such it’s a good idea to get away from the site of the explosion and wait for them to settle back down into regular patrol patterns again before moving back in and taking on the next one.

Once all three Cobras have been dealt with, drive to the Botanical Gardens on the western side of Miagani Island and park the Batmobile in the allotted spot for a story scene.

The game will now prompt you to select your active mission, select the ‘City of Fear’ main quest to proceed with the campaign.


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