It wouldn’t be a proper Batman game without an array of gadgets and Arkham Knight does not disappoint. In addition to the standard returning gadgets, there are a couple of sexy new additions to Batman’s arsenal as well as some new uses for old devices. The gadgets in Arkham Knight include:


The good old Batarang has a number of uses, has several upgrades and comes in both a standard and remote-controlled variant. In general, they are used to stun enemies for a short period of time during both regular combat or during predator sequences.

  • Standard Batarangs can be used to create noise distractions. Hit a wall or a window near an enemy to have them go and investigate – this allows you to sneak by or to take them down quietly.
  • Standard Batarangs can be upgraded via Waynetech points to target up to three different enemies simultaneously.
  • The quickfire Batarang can be used in the midst of combat to temporarily damage and stun opponents. Both the amount of damage that they cause and the duration of the stun effect can be upgraded using Waynetech points.
  • The reverse Batarang Waynetech upgrade allows the Remote-controlled Batarang to hit enemies form behind, meaning they are less likely to see it coming, it will do additional damage and potentially knock enemies out.
  • In addition to providing finer control over the direction and movement of the Batarangs, Remote-controlled Batarangs can be used to press switches that would ordinarily be out of reach.


The Batclaw is batman’s useful handheld grappling hook that has several uses both in and outside of combat to play around with.

  • The Batclaw allows batman to grapple to any point at which it can attach within a certain range. This can both be used outside whilst exploring the city or in indoor areas when transitioning to and from vantage points.
  • The Batclaw can be used to grapple across or up to wall mounted vents.
  • The Batclaw can also be used to pull down locked vents and some, limited weak walls.
  • In combat, the Batclaw can be used to temporarily pull an enemy off balance. With Waynepoint upgrades it is possible to disarm enemy weapons or even pull an enemy all the way to batman for a quick stun attack.
    The Batclaw can also be upgraded to allow for a Batclaw combo takedown move which can instantly knock out enemies.

The Batclaw can be used to enter vents (left) or to climb to rooftops quickly (right).


You’ll be handed the Disruptor around 1/3 of the way through the game and boy is it a handy tool to have. Not only does it retain the ability to disable firearms from the previous titles in the series, it also has numerous Waynetech upgrades that can be applied to make it one of the best overall gadgets in the game.

  • Targeting enemy firearms with a single Disruptor shot will cause the weapon to jam when used, shooting them with two Disruptor blasts will have them backfire and knock out the Thug holding it.
  • With Waynetech Upgrades you can also shoot the aerial Drones with the Disruptor , grab their attention and when they start to shoot, they will instead explode.
  • Additional Wayntech upgrades will allow the Disruptor to knock out Medics in the process of reviving, disable Detective Mode Scanners/Jammers and disable stun sticks to make things easier.
  • The Disruptor can also be used to remove camouflage armour with the appropriate upgrade.
  • You can also sabotage enemy weapon and Sentry Gun crates using the Disruptor which will then electrify and knock out the first enemy that attempts to access it.
  • The Disruptor is used as a tracking device in the Most Wanted mission ‘Gunrunner’.

Explosive Gel

Batman’s Explosive Gel has been in every Batman Arkham game so far and it should come as no surprise that it also makes a comeback in Arkham Knight. As with the other gadgets on offer, the Explosive Gel has applications for use both in and out of combat that include:

  • The most common use for the Explosive Gel outside of combat it to destroy weakened walls and floors.
  • Destroying a weak wall with an enemy nearby will have the effect of knocking them out.
  • Explosive Gel can also be detonated to create noise distractions.
  • As a quick-fire gadget, you can place and detonate Explosive Gel during combat.
  • The quick-fire Explosive Gel can be upgraded using Waynetech Points for an instant knockout effect (only ever a single enemy) and stun capabilities.
    Waynetech Points can also be used to increase the range and stun duration of the quick-fire Explosive Gel .

Freeze Blast

Having first been introduced in Arkham City, the Freeze Blast also makes a comeback in Arkham Knight. Note that unlike all of the other gadgets in the game, this one is entirely optional and is not required to complete the main campaign at all but you should definitely grab it due to its use in numerous Riddle collectibles and its great predator/combat implications). It can be found in the main lab area of Panessa Studios where you meet Robin for the first time.

It has a number of uses including:

  • Throwing the Freeze Blast into the end of a pipe shooting super-heated steam will block it, allowing you to get past.
  • Throwing a Freeze Blast at an enemy in combat will have them freeze solid for a short period of time.
  • With Waynepoint Upgrades you can increase the duration of the freeze effect.
  • It’s also possible to upgrade the Freeze Blast with a proximity mine effect.
    Another upgrade enables a cluster effect in which three smaller Freeze Blast grenades are thrown instead of one and can impact multiple enemies.

Line Launcher

Although it played a fairly large role in several of the previous Batman Arkham titles, it’s not as loved in Arkham Knight. In fact whilst you’ll get it early on, the game only forces you to use it in one small section in the entire game. Having said that it has a number of uses:

  • The Line Launcher will shoot a rope out in both directions from where you deploy it, allowing you to cross large hazards (such as fans) from above.
  • It can also be used mid-flight to create a small rope walkway between two walls or buildings (depending on where it is deployed).
  • From these rope ‘bridges’ you can perform silent takedowns on unsuspecting Soldiers/Thugs.

The Line Launcher can be used to cross gaps or hazardous floors (left). The Remote Hacking Device can open locked doors (right).

Remote Hacking Device

The Remote Hacking Device has been around from the very start of the series and in addition to hacking into password locks, the latest iteration of the gadget in Arkham Knight has some much appreciated additional functionality. It can be used to do the following:

  • Hack security panels by locked areas to start a password mini-game that will ultimately unlock doors.
  • Hack objects such as generators, mechanical arms to create distractions.
  • During predator scenarios, we can hack enemy Drone Operators to hijack control of their Boa Drones. We can then use them to attack other enemies in the area.
  • Can be used to hack Sentry Guns, Gunships and Drones to temporarily blind them, allowing you to pass by them undetected.
    Waynetech Points can be spent to increase the duration of the blinding effect on enemy Drone units.

Remote Electrical Charge

Unlike other gadgets in the game, this one will not be given to you automatically. We’ll need to pick the Remote Electrical Charge up from the ‘Evidence Room’ in the GCPD precinct building behind a smashable glass case. Although the game does not really require us to use it for anything before the ¾ mark in the game, we can pick it up at any time… Which you should do as its quick-fire gadget effects in combat are fantastic!

The Remote Electrical Charge can be used for the following:

  • Restore power to or take power from generators that are used to power lifts, doors and electrify puddles.
  • The Remote Electrical Charge can be used to overcharge stun sticks, making them temporarily unusable.
  • It can also be used as a quick-fire gadget to stun and knock down enemies.
  • A Waynetech Point upgrade enables you to shoot a charged Remote Electrical Charge blast that will hit one enemy and stun others in close proximity.

Smoke Pellet

The Smoke Pellet has been around since Batman: Arkham Asylum and is one of those great gadgets that is able to get Batman out of a jam real quick. Aside from the obvious, it also has a range of uses which include:

  • Dropping a Smoke Pellet on the spot will shroud Batman in, you guessed it, Smoke! This will obscure the view of attacking guards and armed enemies will not be able to shoot, allowing you to make a quick escape to a vantage point.
  • Whilst obscured in smoke, you can also attack enemies as they will be temporarily stunned and as they are unable to see you will not attack back either.
  • Waynetech Points can be spent to increase the duration and range of effect of the Smoke Pellets.

Voice Synthesizer

This is one of the new gadgets in Arkham Knight and we’ll pick it up at around halfway through the game. At certain points during the game, you’ll have to undertake a brief mini-game in which you can listen to and synthesize the sample of certain character’s voices. We can use these samples for a number of purposes including:

  • The voice Synthesizer can be used to pen voice-locked doors in several locations in the game.
    Using the voice Synthesizer we can order specific groups of Thugs and Soldiers around either into distractions/traps/takedowns or to inadvertently open gates for us.


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