The third and final bank robbery is at the Bank of Gotham in Kingston on Miagani Island. As with the previous two robberies, as soon as you enter the bank you’ll see a ‘cash meter’ appear at the top of the screen. There are 15 armed enemies looting the bank this time around and you’ll need to knock out all 15 before the bank’s funds dry up.

Remember that whilst the alarm is sounding, you do not need to be quiet and can attack enemies on sight, but try to still keep it discrete as they will still attack if they see you.

The bank itself is much larger than the first bank, featuring three levels rather than one and two escape trucks instead of one. As with the second bank, the interiors are quite similar and contains many environmental elements that we can exploit.

The floor by the vaults/escape trucks are useful in this robbery too (left). The vantage points are useful at getting around the large area quiote quickly (right).

These include:

  • The large under-ground floor ventilation areas which cover pretty much the entire ground and first floors.
  • The vantage points lining the walls around the room are great for inverted takedowns but also give access to wall vents leading to the sub-ground vent tunnels.
  • Weak rooves and a destructible wall on the offices located on the first floor of the bank area.
  • You can use the Remote Hacking Device on the escalators and on a panel on the wall beneath any of the several chandeliers to create a distraction.
  • There are multiple hatches in the floors on the top level and on the ceiling of the first floor which allow quick transitions between the two levels.
  • Corners made possible by the offices/walls and counters are useful for corner takedowns.
  • There is a security panel behind both of the counters that we can hit with the Remote Hacking Device will set off a dye pack explosion in the reception area, temporarily blinding nearby enemies and allowing you to drop down and attack enemies without worrying about them shooting you.
    Once you have dealt with the first 15 enemies, a short scene will play and our Most wanted Villain and a group of seven other enemies will enter the bank. At this point, the alarms will cut off – which means you’ll need to be quiet and you’ll need to eliminate the lot of them before you can leave the bank.

After clearing the first group of Thugs, Two-Face will show up (left). Try to take out the regular Thugs first - they have the Detective Mode Jammer/Detector (right).

The new contingent of bad guys comes with the main target, two Medics and five Soldiers. Three of these Soldiers have camouflage armour and that renders them undetectable with Batman’s Detective Mode active whilst another has a Detective Mode Scanner. Additionally, another of the guards also is toting around a Detective Mode Scrambler anyway, so either way you’ll have to use your peepers the old fashioned way until you remove those fellows from the equation!

Until we take the Detective Mode Scrambler down, we’ll need to stick to the vantage points scattered about the room and observe the enemies that you can see. You’ll need to be extra vigilant before making your move to take one down, only doing so when you are certain they are isolated. As always try to focus on the Medics first (we don’t want them reviving enemies!) before going for the others.

It’s a good idea to nab yourself a silent takedown to bank a Fear Multi-takedown to use at an opportune moment. If you still have the dye pack panels, chandeliers or the escalators available for distractions, these are great places to lure a few enemies into a Fear Multi-Takedown.

Once the final wave of enemies has been dealt with, a scene will play.

After stopping the final bank robbery on Miagani Island, drive back to GCPD with your new prisoner to end the Most Wanted mission.

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Jekyll & Hyde

Stop the bank heist on Miagani Island and lock up the master mind in GCPD.

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