Objective: Surrender to Scarecrow

When you are ready for the final push of the campaign, make your way to the objective marker located under Mercy Bridge in the northern part of Miagani Island.

Enter door and approach the televisions on the wall for a monologue. After the talking is done, move up and place your equipment on table below the screens and then interact with the door on the right.

From here on in, the game sends you on some trippy adventures, most of which is easy enough to follow without a guide, but heck we’ve come this far, so we may as well keep going right?

Head to the doorway beneath Mercy bridge (left) and place your gadgets on the table below the televisions (right).

After a short trip in the truck, you’ll need to exit. Climb the dumpster located directly in front of you and use this to hop over the chain link fence to the left. In this area, you’ll want to interact with both doors in the area (signed ‘Monarch Theatre’ and ‘Gotham Hardware’) before checking out the bodies that appear on the ground.

This will trigger a fight. An endless supply of enemies will pour into the area and you’ll need to continuously fight them. To end the fight you’ll need to continue to build up your combo meter and perform Joker Takedowns (prompted at the bottom of the screen) until a scene plays. Mash the attack button during the short scene to continue.

Following a somewhat lengthy cut-scene we’ll be in control of a modified Batmobile. We’re surrounded on all sides by enemies and you’ll need to keep shooting them over and over until you have built up enough combo points to unleash a Level 4 Missile Barrage .

Shoot enemies to build up your Missile Barrage (left) and then unleash a level 4 MissileBarrage (right) to continue.

After unleashing the Missile Barrage , you can safely hop out of Batmobile. Enter the nearby door and find and shoot the three familiar faces that you encounter as you move through the linear path. Interact with the door at the end of the hallway for another lengthy story scene.

When the screen turns black, press a few buttons until a button prompt appears. Press this to activate a flashlight. We’ll now be in a maze of sorts. Turn around to watch a short scene and then turn back the other way to head through the open door. Move through the room until you reach the statue. From the statue turn around and go through the tunnel that appears.

When you reach the next dead end, turn around and destroy the statue that has appeared. Run for the light at the end of the corridor. Talk with the woman that you find here a couple of times. Afterwards, turn to face the way you came and destroy the chairs to get to the exit that appears. Wait in the room with the newspapers until another door appears.

In the next room, you’ll need to continue to destroy a seemingly endless number of statues that will appear randomly around the area until a scene plays.

Destroy the statues until a scene plays (left).Youll need to perform a environmental takedown to end the final fight (right).

After the scene, destroy the weak wall that has appeared, drop onto the walkway below and pull lever that you find at the far end. This will start up a short fight.

During fight, you need to knock your opponent towards the hanging cell at the back of the room and perform an environmental takedown to end the fight.

After completing the fight a scene will play to end the main storyline’s campaign.

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Master of Fear

Wayne vs Crane.

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