Objective: Return the second escaped infected to his cell.

If you proceed straight into the room and round the first corner you’ll run straight into a Minigunner behind a set of bars – we don’t want to do that! Instead, just inside the doorway you’ll find an open vent on the rood that we can use the Batclaw to grapple up into.

Follow the ceiling vent until you drop down into a side room and then use your Explosive Gel on the weak wall to knock out the Minigunner. Press the button on the wall opposite the gate to open it and continue into the next room.

Approach the fellow in the wheelchair and when you are able, interact with him for a scene.

Use Explosive Gel to take down the wall and the Minigunner (left). Interact with the wheelchair to continue (right).

When Robin shows up, keep moving through the next door and interact with the keypad by the mirror.

After interacting with the keypad, you’ll have a brief chat which will eventually lead to a security video coming your way. We need to scan this to find out what the code is for the door. You can find said evidence by doing the following:

  • Note the first digit pressed on the keypad at ~00:07:00.
    Look into the mirror and note the next three digits that are pressed between ~00:13:00 and ~00:16:00

Once you have the key code, use the Keypad Access button prompt in the lower right corner to bring up the keypad and input it. For me, the code was: 0-5-3-9. Enter the door and walk up to the dude on the stage for a scene.

In the video look in the mirror to find the pass code (left). Approach the fellow on the stage (right).

This next section is a little tricky as we’ll be locked into a view in the foreground between Batman and the fellow on the stage here. Whilst this is happening, we’ll actually be controlling Robin in the background. Note that if the Joker infected spots Robin, he’ll immediately detonate the bomb he is wearing and will kill everyone, forcing you back to the previous checkpoint.

There are five bombs hidden throughout the room and as Robin, we’ll need to find and disarm all of them before sneaking up on the fellow on the stage and disarming the bomb that he is wearing as well. It’s not that easy though as the stage in the centre of the room will rotate constantly meaning that you’ll be in view of the enemy on occasion and will have to hide/take cover until he’s no longer looking in your direction.

As mentioned you’ll need to find and interact with five bombs around the room. Each time you disarm a bomb it will take around five seconds, so be sure the fellow on the stage is not looking in your direction when you attempt to disarm and that you immediately race into cover once you have disarmed one to avoid being spotted!

Walk around the room and disarm all the bombs (left) and then sneak up and perform a takedown (right).

The bombs can be taken down in any order, but I found the following easiest:

  • The first can be found directly in front of you after hopping down from the vent.
  • Head down the stairs and follow the stage to the right to find another on a crate.
  • Continue to the right to find the next bomb against the wall opposite the stairs at the entrance.
  • The next bomb is again, next to the stage on a crate further to the right, opposite the second bomb.
  • The final bomb is on the left hand side of the stairs by the entrance.
    Once we have disarmed all five bombs, we’ll now need to sneak up on the fellow serenading Batman on the stage and use the takedown button for a scene.

Return back to the main backstage area. On the way back, you’ll get in touch with Alfred, you’ll be who’ll give you the opportunity to equip a new upgrade to the Batmobile, and you have a choice between the following options (of course these will be different depending on your previous choices):

  • CPU Virus – This will allow you to hack an opposing Drone Tank, causing it to become a temporary ally.
  • EMP – This will send out a small shockwave from the Batmobile, incapacitating any Drone Tanks in the immediate area for a short time.
  • Weapon Generator MKIII – This will increase the Batmobile’s weapon damage slightly.
  • Weapon Generator MKIV – This will increase the Batmobile’s weapon damage slightly.
    After you’ve made your selection, in the room with the large statue, you’ll see that there are now a few enemies hanging out in the tunnel behind the Sound Stage A gate. Let’s open it shall we?


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