Objective: Track down Scarecrow in the Stagg Enterprises airships

From the top of Wayne International Plaza you should be able to glide down and land on the top of the southernmost airship.

Approach the hatch indicated by the objective marker – it’s locked! Look through the window to the left of the hatch and switch on Detective Mode to find its security console. Use Batman’s newly acquired Remote Hacking Device to unlock the hatch and proceed inside.

Fly down to the airship (left). Use the Remote Hacking Device 9right) to open the hatch to get inside.

Drop down onto the glass floor below and look for a small vent cover that we can pull off. Enter this and then drop through the floor hatch in the next room to find yourself on the other side of the door from a group of Soldiers playing with a Boa Drone. Use the Remote Hacking Device to download the control codes from the Drone operator behind the door and have the drone incapacitate all three Soldiers.

Look through the window to the left of the door to locate a security console. Use the Remote Hacking Device and complete the password mini-game to open the door.

Enter the door and head around to where the security console we just hacked is located. Next to this you’ll find another switch we can interact with the Airship Stability Controls . Interact with this and you’ll be able to mess with the airship’s orientation – we can essentially tilt the ship from side to side, allowing us to move crates and other objects. Just as well we get it now because we’re going to have to need for a few upcoming puzzles!

Look through the window to the previous hallway and tilt the stability controls so that the crate slides out through the far window. Make your way back to where we dropped down and inspect where the crate had previously been sitting to find a hatch leading down – hop on in!

Turn to look behind the ladder and use the Stability controls to move the crates here to the left. Drop down to the platform below when you are able.

Use the stability controls to shunt the crate out the window (left). Climb down and manipulate the crates to get through (right).

Here you’ll find another set of crates blocking your passage. Note the red icon on the front – this indicates that the crate will not move when you play with the stability controls. Use the Remote Hacking Device to unlock the crate and tilt the ship to the right. This will reveal a wall grate to the left we can enter for a Riddler Trophy . Lock the crate in place and then tilt the airship back to the left to reveal a passage to the next area.

Use your Batclaw to reach the hatch on the ceiling above. A scene will play.

We’ll now have to fight a knife wielding Brute. Unfortunately we are going to be seeing knives a little more often from now on in and unlike melee attacks we can’t counter them (just yet). We can however hold the directional control away from the enemy whilst holding the counter button to avoid the swings. Dodge the knife attacks and then stun and incapacitate the brute as usual.

Head up to the next door to locate a security console. Use the Remote Hacking Device and complete the password mini-game to open the door.

Use the Remote Hacking Device to open the door (left). Drop down and fight the enemies within the next room (right).

Drop down into the room below and fight off the large group of enemies below. There are 25 Soldiers (five of whom have melee weapons) and a Knife-wielding Brute here to contend with. There is also a number of crates and other small objects around the room that can be thrown at you – so stay on the lookout for incoming projectiles!

Once you have finished the fight, speak with the hostage nearby for a conversation.

Following the scene, a series of enemies will appear around the room, simply one-punch hit them to knock them out again. Continue to punch them as they appear until a scene plays.

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A Battle Within

Fight for your sanity.

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After the scene, use the Remote Hacking Device on the panel by the door leading to the second airship. Complete the password mini-game to open the door. Try to move into the doorway and another scene will trigger.


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