Unlock Requirement: Use the Voice Synthesizer to lure an enemy into a takedown.

Gaining stars on this challenge requires you to meet the following three requirements:

  • Perform a 4X Fear Multi-Takedown.
  • Use the Voice Synthesizer to lure an enemy into an Explosive Gel weak wall takedown.
  • Take out the Boa Drone controller last.
**Ranking:** **Requirement:**
3 Stars Complete all three objectives.
2 Stars Complete two of three objectives.
1 Star Complete one of the three objectives.

This predator scenario takes place on the expansive rooftop of Panessa Studios. There are 16 armed Soldiers (two of them will have Camouflage on and will not be present in Detective mode), a Boa Drone Controller and two Medics. Good fun right!

To earn the three star rating in this area, we’ll need to complete the three takedowns that the game tells us to. I recommend doing them in the following order:

Lure an enemy into an Explosive Gel weak wall takedown using the Voice Synthesizer

From the start position, look below and you should be able to make out a floor grate tunnel in the small hallway at ground level. Use Detective Mode to track the enemies patrolling the area and when it is clear, drop down into the floor grates. The tunnel here leads into a small room with three weak walls. Plant Explosive Gel on one of these and return back to the vents and to the hallway.

Drop down to the floor grates below (left). Use the wall here to perform your Voice Synthesizer/Explosive Get takedown (right).

Note that the Boa Drone Controller is nearby, so avoid attacking him for now (but feel free to use the Remote Hacking Device to pinch the boa Drone codes) and instead use the Voice Synthesizer on one of the patrollers and get them to examine the weak wall. Blow up the Explosive Gel when they get close to take them down.

Perform a 4X Fear Multi-Takedown

The wall blowing up will have alerted nearby guards who will come to investigate. They will also summon a Medic to revive the downed Thug. If you are lucky, once the medic revives the Soldier you should have 4 enemies in the immediate area which we can immediately perform a Fear Multi-Takedown on to earn the second star.

If that doesn’t occur, do your best to create a large scale distraction and use the Voice Synthesizer to help herd groups of enemies together so that you can attempt the four-way Fear Multi-takedown elsewhere.

Use the distraction and your Voice Synthesizer to gather enemies for a 5X Fear Mult-Takedown (left). Save the Boa Drone Controller for last (right).

Take out the Boa Drone controller last

After completing the first two star objectives, we will want to take out the remaining enemies except for the Boa Drone controller in any way you see fit. There are plenty of high spots, floor gratings and walls we can use to track and hunt down the enemies on the rooftop. Make sure if you go topside that you keep an eye out for

Once only the Boa Drone controller remains, we can approach and attack him to earn the final star.


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