Now that we have a cure for the Man-Bat’s condition, we are going to want to find Man-Bat again. As with earlier, the easiest way to spot him is to get onto the rooftops or glide around above the city with Detective Mode activated during which he’ll appear as a flying red skeleton that shouldn’t be hard to see.

After locating Man-Bat we need to tackle him in mid-air. This requires us to scale the buildings here, activate a glide and time your fall/movements so that you make contact with him on the way down. Doing so will trigger a brief cut-scene. We’ll need to do this two more times.

You’ll find the target in the following locations:

  • Bleake Island – he’ll fly in a zone around the southern portion of Chinatown, from Oracle’s Clock Tower to the east and north.
  • Founders’ Island – Man-Bat’s final location is around a large chunk of Ryker Heights in the northwest corner of Founders’ island.

The third Man-Bat location is on Founders Island (left). Well need to find and tackle him again (right).

After tackling Man-bat from the sky for the third time, drive back to GCPD with your new prisoner to end the Most Wanted mission.

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Scar of the Bat

Cure the doctor.

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