This puzzle can be found inside the Riddler garage behind the ACE Chemicals building in Chinatown on Bleake Island.

Enter the garage door with all the green question marks at the map icon on the map. This will act as an elevator and take you down to a challenge below.

From the get-go you’ll see that this room is one big puzzle. Our ultimate goal is to get the Batmobile onto the raised platform on the right hand side of the room from where we enter and to do that we’ll need to be using the Riddler Access Code we were given previously to manipulate the red and white platforms around the room.

To begin with, you’ll want to head up the dirt ramp to the left of the pressure plate and continue up the wooden walkway to a platform with another pressure plate (ignore this for now). On the far side of this is a see-saw ramp with a white platform on top of it. Drive onto the opposite end of the see-saw and hit the Riddler Access Code to tilt the platform up and then hit it once again to lock the platform in place.

Stand on the pressure plate as Batman to extend the platform ahead (left) so that the Batmobile can cross (right).

Drive up the ramp to the platform above and you’ll see a series of platforms ahead. The first and third are platforms that we can activate/deactivate with the Riddler Access Code. The middle platform here is controlled by the pressure plate on the previous platform. Exit the vehicle and have Batman stand on the pressure plate.

Whilst Batman stands there, switch to Remote Batmobile Control and use the Riddler Access Code to activate the platform closest to the Batmobile. Drive across to the centre platform and use the Riddler Access Code again to reveal the white platform. Drive across to the far side and drop down to the ramp on the right.

This is another see-saw puzzle and there is a pair of platforms beneath it that we can exploit with the Riddler Access Code. Play around with them whilst keeping the Batmobile on the nearest side of the platform so that it tilts and lock the ramp into place when it is at its highest point.

At this point we can run up and use the Afterburner on the ramp to launch the Batmobile towards the far end of the room. As soon as you are airborne, use the Riddler Access Code to extent a platform ahead so that you can land on the target ledge.

Now that we have made it across, simply head over to the anchor point located nearby, attach the Power Winch and complete the revving mini-game to solve the riddle.

Use the ramp to boost across the gap (left) and use the Power Winch on the junction box (right).

Once you have successfully completed the revving mini-game, the pressure plate near the entrance will become active.

As with the previous challenge, you need to step on the pressure plate with Batman and note the lights on the wall – the green light is most important. Now switch to Catwoman find and interact with the pedestal that corresponds to the green light to continue. Don’t forget you can switch between the two characters at any time if required!

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Pieces of the Puzzle

Obtain a key by completing the second Riddler trial.

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