Objective: Identify a way to infiltrate the Stagg Enterprises airships

Now that we’ve got a new goal in mind, we need to head for the Stagg airships. These are located on Founders’ Island and unfortunately, this area of the world map is off-limits to the Batmobile at this point so we are going to have to head there on foot… and by foot I mean grapnel boosting and gliding!

Head for the northwest corner of Founders’ Island and climb to the top of the skyscraper with the objective marker. Approach it for a short scene. The game will introduce us to our first watchtower, there are 21 of these scattered across all three of Gotham City’s main islands and we’ll need to take them down as part of the ‘Occupy Gotham’ Most Wanted mission.

Objective: Disable the watchtower

This particular tower also introduces us to a new enemy gadget – the Detective mode scanner. Enemies equipped with one of these scanners will be able to determine your location if you leave detective Mode on for too long and a bar will display in the centre of the screen to let you know – so switch it off when the bar shows up!

To progress we need to take down all five enemies on the tower and interact with the computer panel controlling its defences located in the centre of the rooftop.

Predator Section 06

As with any good Predator section, we will obviously need to clear out all of the enemies in the area to continue. The top of the building is still under construction and as such has four levels at varying stages of completion.

Make your way to the top of an adjacent building (left) and look over the target area (right) to plan your attack.

There are five Soldiers hanging around this area, with one of the Soldiers sporting a detective Mode scanner and another piloting a Boa Sentry Drone.

You can make use of several environmental factors to make things easier, including:

  • The large circular girder running around the top of the structure.
  • The building materials, pillars and half walls on the half-built side of the rooftop provide ample opportunities for corner takedowns.
  • On the levelled area there are several hatches in the floors that make a perfect location of Fear Multi-takedowns on the floor below.
    The easiest way I found to clear this area quietly was to jump across to the circular girder at the top of the tower and hop down behind the stationary guard on the highest level of the construction area for a silent takedown. Drop down to the level below and stalk and take down the patrolling guard here. find the floor hatch on this level dropping down to the Drone-controlling enemy below and wait for the detective Mode scanner to get close to drop through and initiate a Fear multi-takedown. This will alert the final guard who will come to investigate – use Detective Mode to find his location and plan a corner takedown accordingly.

Take down the enemies one at a time (left). Once it is all clear, hit the console with Explosive Gel (right).

Of course if you get detected at any time, you’ll need to retreat to the top of the room and scout the various locations for ways to take the enemies down. The construction area is fantastic with all of those corner takedown abilities and the hatches allow you to transition between the various levels very quickly.

Once the enemy is clear, approach the computer console in the centre of the watchtower and use your Explosive Gel on it for a scene.

Objective: Collect the Remote Hacking Device

We’ll now need to head to Wayne International Plaza which conveniently happens to be the tallest building in the area, a short distance to the west from our current location and overlooking the Stagg airships. As you arrive, grapple your way up the balconies to the very top and interact with the marked door for a scene.

During the scene we’ll be given a new gadget – the Remote Hacking Device . We can use this to hack and unlock security consoles, temporarily blind Sentry Turrets/Drones so that we can pass by them undetected and download Boa Sentry Drone codes from Drone operators to turn them on their friends. Handy!


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