The next part of the Most Wanted mission takes place at the Ranelagh Ferry Terminal on Miagani Island. Find the Riddler garage, enter the door, go down the lift and find the starting line. It’s time for another (and thankfully the final) race!

As with the last race, we’ll have to complete three laps of the course whilst completing each lap within a certain time limit. Failing the time limit will not end the mission, but will encourage you to keep trying the same lap over and over until you get through in the required time.

As you drive through the course, you’ll need to use the Riddler Access Code we received earlier to add/remove/move obstacles, ramps and platforms on and off the race track. In this track, there is a combination of objects from the first two races that we can control and these include walls, doorways/gates and crushing floors. We’ll also have access to activate/deactivate certain spinning spike traps.

The first two laps involve red and white crushing floors (left) and green spinning spikes we cant manipulate (right).

Remember that we can only use the Riddler Access Code on red or white objects. As with the second race, this course will also extensively use green elements which cannot be controlled so you will have to avoid them.

Each of the three laps is slightly different, with the first lap consisting pretty much entirely of red/white obstacles which are easy enough to navigate through. The second lap will insert a number of green obstacles that we’ll need to avoid as well having the crushing floor tiles expanding in size between the laps, leaving fewer safe zones on the floor where we can use the Riddler Access Code. Whilst lap 2 seems tricky at the time, you have no idea it is compared to the final lap.

The final lap essentially throws the Riddler Access Code out the window, forcing you to weave your way through a ridiculous amount of green spike traps and numerous fast moving automated green crushing floors. There is no easy way through this lap and nothing I can say will make it any easier – it is very tough and you will most likely have to replay it several times before getting all the way to the end within the time limit. Unless you are lucky, or highly skilled, this lap really is a case of practice, practice and more practice until you know the obstacles back to front.

The spikes will change places on the final lap (left) and the final crushing floors become un-controllable (right).

Once you have successfully completed the third lap, the Riddler will praise you and activate a pressure plate near the starting line as a reward.

You should know the drill for this by now! Step on the pressure plate with Batman and note the lights on the wall. Be careful this time though as whilst the lights appear as a ‘Z’ shape on initial inspection, one side is shorter than the other – don’t be fooled into grabbing the wrong key! Switch over to controlling Catwoman and interact with the pedestal that matches the green light to continue.

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Lethal Pursuits

Obtain a key by completing the ninth Riddler trial.

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