This side-mission will actually being early on during the campaign during a sequence in which you need to attach the Batmobile’s Power Winch to a large explosive device and hack it somehow (don’t ask, it’s a Batman game). As you hack the device, unmanned drone tanks will show up to attack you and you’ll need to fight them all off to complete the hack.

There are several different types of Drone Tanks and as you’ll be facing off against just about every type during this side-mission’s objectives, it’s probably a handy time for a refresher. The types of Tanks include:

  • Rattler – The standard Drone Tank. It is the weakest and most common type of Drone Tank you’ll encounter. A single shot to its turret should be sufficient to destroy it.
  • Twin Rattler – This Drone Tank is the same as a standard rattler in terms of armour, but its weapon is slightly different – it has the ability to fire off two shells at once as opposed to the single shell that a standard Rattler is able to.
  • Diamondback – The Diamondbacks are slightly more armoured than the Rattlers. They also have a weapon that will shoot a wave of three shells in a spread in front of it. It will take two shots to the turret to destroy it (without upgrades).
  • Dragon – These are small, flying Drone Attack helicopters that will fire grenades at your general direction. Use your machine gun to take them down very quickly and avoid the red circles on the ground that indicate the splash damage zone of the grenades.
  • Mamba – The Mamba Drone Tanks are slightly stronger than the standard Rattler, but will attack you from much further away. They have no tank shells, but they will lock on the Batmobile and launch homing missiles at it. You can (and really must if you want to live) shoot the missiles down with the machine guns. A single shot to the turret should be enough to kill it.
    As per the usual over-the-top, crazily outnumbered Drone Tank battles that Batman: Arkham Knight is wont to throw at you; you’ll want to keep an eye out for the enemy shot indicators. Destroy enemies whilst avoiding taking fire to boost your missile barrage and let it go when it is charged to level 3-4 to instantly clear out 7-10 enemy units. Repeat until the zones are clear. Additional abilities such as the EMP and Drone Hacking are useful, but your real damage will come from the Missile Barrage and as such, you should focus on getting that off as a priority.

There are fourteen bombs to clear out in total and once you have completely wiped them out and completed all three of ‘Occupy Gotham’ , ‘Armoured and Dangerous’ and ‘Own the Roads’ side-missions, you’ll unlock a boss fight which comprises the second part of this mission.

Part 1: Disarming the Bombs – Bleake Island

Below I have listed the location of all of the roadside explosives that count towards this Most Wanted mission and have listed them first by the island they are located on and then according to difficulty (i.e easiest to hardest).

There are a total of four bombs located on Bleake Island and they can be found in the following locations:

Explosive 01:

Description: This bomb is disarmed during the main storyline and will trigger the Most Wanted mission.

The fight to disarm the explosive involves 16 Drone Tanks, with all of them being the low-levelled, stock standard Rattlers. Use your usual tactics to deal with the threat.

Explosive 02:

Map co-ordinates: (2379,2907)

Description: This bomb can be found within the train yard to the north east of the northern end of Mercy Bridge, directly east of the GCPD building.

This bomb is guarded by a small contingent of 20 Drone Tanks made up entirely of Diamondbacks and Rattlers. This fight is essentially the same as any one of several that you would have fought through during the campaign and should not prove too difficult.

Explosive 03:

Map co-ordinates: (1812,2421)

Description: This explosive is located by the large roundabout just northwest on the map from Oracle’s Clock Tower.

The Drone Tank battle associated with this explosive has you vastly outnumbered and needing to face off against an assortment of different enemy types. There are 32 Drones in total with these numbers being made up of standard Rattlers, several Twin Rattlers, numerous Diamondbacks and some Dragons.

Although the fight is fairly standard as Drone Tank battles go, the Dragons can be particularly annoying in this fight. Due to the large numbers and having to dodge all of the incoming fire whilst also manoeuvring around the Dragon’s RPG splash damage makes things much more difficult than they need to be. As such, take them down as soon as you can!

Explosive 04:

Map co-ordinates: (1948,2680)

Description: This explosive can be found in the empty canal directly southwest of the Panessa studios map marker.

This fight is the most difficult on Bleake Island and consists of an opposing force made up of 48 Drones. The types of Drone Tanks involved include an array of Rattlers, Twin Rattlers, Diamondbacks, Dragons and Mambas.

As with any Drone Tank fight involving Mambas – take them down as soon as you are aware of them to prevent those annoying missile strikes and use the machine guns to knock down the Dragons so that you can focus on the ground-level enemies without the distraction of longer range homing or explosive attacks. Once the Dragons and Mambas are out of the way, the fight will become much, much easier!


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