Objective: Stop Scarecrow’s militia from destroying the Clock Towers servers

Exit the GCPD and make tracks to the Clock Tower via the GPS route. When you arrive you’ll see it has been overrun by Soldiers.

Predator Section 13

We need to clear out all of the enemies in the area to proceed and this entails taking down each of the 12 enemies now residing in and around the Clock Tower. The first thing you’ll want to do is to head up to the rooftops of buildings surrounding the Clock Tower and taking out the pair of snipers (one to the Northwest and another to the Northeast) that are keeping a watchful eye over the rest of the predator area below.

With the two Snipers out of the way, turn your attention to the base of the Clock Tower. There is a Medic, nine Soldiers, a Boa Drone and a Minigunner here. Just like last time we had to sneak around this place, they spend their time patrolling the balconies outside and on the scaffolding/construction area just north of the Clock Tower. This time around however, the interior of the Clock Tower is also open for business, giving you three levels to play around with.

You can make use of several environmental factors to make things easier, including:

  • The large under-ground floor ventilation area by the northern side of the Clock Tower.
  • All three floors of the Clock Tower’s interior feature ventilation tunnels that covers pretty much the entire floor. There are also ventilation chutes between the levels which allow you to transition between floors whilst staying out of sight.
  • The vantage points around the sides of the Clock Tower for inverted takedowns.
  • The girders above the patrolling walkways on the northern side of the Clock Tower.
  • The destructible walls in the scaffolding/construction zone.
  • Corners in the Scaffolding/construction area are also especially useful for corner takedowns.
    After dealing with the Snipers, you can drop down to the girder behind the soldier controlling the Boa Drone and download his codes (but leave him be for now). Our first priority is to follow and take down the Medic when he is isolated. After that, we can use the Drone to attack other enemies, and then proceed with our usual spate of takedowns. A good tactic is to use a silent takedown by the underground vent systems to lure additional Soldiers to the position and then use a Fear Multi-Takedown to eliminate up to three at once when they come to investigate.

Once you have cleared out the snipers, use the vantage points to scout the area (left). The underground vents are still the easiest way to take out the bad guys (right).

You’ll obviously want to leave the Minigunner for last, so if you see him coming to investigate, its best to focus on another area until he moves away.

Once all the enemies have been dealt with the objectives will update.

Enter lower levels of Clock Tower and climb to third floor. As you do, you’ll want to be careful, just in case the Soldiers have deployed Sentry Drones at any point during the predator sequence that may still be guarding the area. When it is safe to do so, walk over and shut down the target computer.

After a brief conversation, the objective will be completed.

The game will now prompt you to select your active mission, select the ‘City of Fear’ main quest to proceed with the campaign.


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