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No Rest for the Wicked

Mushroom Locations and Farming Tips

Craig Robinson

No Rest For The Wicked’s mushrooms are one of the first few food types you’ll stumble upon. This meal will come in handy for making mushroom soup, one of the earliest food recipes you can get to heal your low-level character while out and about in combat. In addition, it’s also needed as part of the Master Forager and the A Good Meal challenges at Sacrament. So, you must find lots of Mushrooms in No Rest For the Wicked. Luckily for you, we’re aware of dense mushroom locations and farming spots around the Glades.

Best Mushroom Farming Locations

So far, we’ve found a few great farming hotspots for Mushrooms in No Rest For The Wicked. These are as follows:

  1. The Hillside southwest of Sacramento in the Glades
  2. The Cerim Whisper in the Glades
  3. Mariner’s Keep and Beach area

Lets start with the first farming spot. Travel southwest from Sacrament City into the Glades region. While walking along the path, you should come across a castle wall where you fight Warrick The Torn. You should find some mushrooms alongside Artemisia Herbs for combining into meals near the gate. Now travel along the road to where you reach the campfire as you’ll find a few more mushrooms and herb spots on the side of the road.

(1 of 2) Go up the hill to the south of the campfire by the road in the Glades to find 7 mushrooms in a small clump.

Go up the hill to the south of the campfire by the road in the Glades to find 7 mushrooms in a small clump. (left), You can find the area for thise dense mushroom farm around here, southwest of Sacrament. (right)

When you reach the campfire by the road, travel southwest, and you should find a climbable root. This brings you to a few enemies hanging around. Deal with them, and follow the bluffs to find even more Artemisia Herbs, alongside more mushrooms along the center of the glowing grove. Doing this route should award around 10+ mushrooms for your troubles.

If you need more, the second mushroom location we recommend is at the Cerim Whisper in the Glades, located northeast of the campfire near the road. This should bring you more into the marshes. There are three that grow directly next to the Cerim Whisper. If you go north, you should wade through some water, and enter a little camp with some mosquito and big tree men enemies. There’s a few mushrooms that grow in that cave area. Be careful it’s fairly mob-dense with a few tough and annoying enemy creatures. This might not be too efficient for your food and healing supply needs, but it’s worth noting if you need to grind some more mushrooms for the Master Forager challenge. This entire route should net around 3-6 depending how much effort you put in.

(1 of 2) There are three mushrooms directly by the wisp near the swamp area of the Glades.

There are three mushrooms directly by the wisp near the swamp area of the Glades. (left), Go north from the wisp and you’ll find a dense mob area with more mushrooms growing around the edges. (right)

The last area we recommend is the Mariner’s Keep entrance area, near the beach. There are a few mushroom spawns around the entrance area of the keep. You can also find some herbs and other mushrooms around the beach and the broken tower near the Cerim Whisper in the tower by the beach. The shrooms are fairly loosely spread out, but, you won’t have that many difficult enemies to deal with it, making a worthwhile trip using fast travel if you’re desperate. You should be able to get around seven for your troubles.

There are a few shrooms around the Keep entrance, along with more spread shrooms around the beach area.

This concludes the best locations we’ve found for mushrooms in No Rest For The Wicked. If you know of any dense mushroom spots, feel free to let us know in the comments.

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