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No Rest for the Wicked

Getting Clay

Craig Robinson

Clay is one of the rarest raw materials in No Rest for the Wicked. The resource is typically only found by digging at burial sites and is often a random drop chance. If you’re going to farm lots of Clay for your rebuilding Sacrament projects and daily bounty needs, this guide on getting clay shall help you achieve those goals.

Best Ways to Get Clay

As it stands, Clay is mainly gathered by digging up burial sites you find around the map. There are often many burial sites dotted around the landscape. When you use a shovel on them, you have a chance to pull up random resources, such as roots, clay, coins, charcoal, and other such items. However, be warned that the drop chance on clay is fairly low, but it was buffed during the first hotfix. Keep this in mind as you scavenge through progressed realms and level up.

Based on our experience, one of the best routes to find buried treasures along the route is as such:

  • The Glades
  • Into Mariner’s Keep
  • and then into the Shallows

Start off in Sacrament, and take the exit into Orban Glades. Follow the road down the path, and go towards the large hill to the left side of the road. You’ll find a burial spot there. You can also climb up the vines near this hill to get more dig spots, with a few guards. You’ll come across a mushroom circle and a chest to safely get back down. You’ll also find and copper ore around these parts too.

(1 of 4) On the beach of the Shallows is a dig spot just along the road to the castle.

Now follow the road into Mariner’s Keep, and you can find several digging spots around the castle grounds and the lake area to the north. When you’re done with the castle, go to the Shallows from the main gate of the Keep. You’ll find a dig spot near the ruined tower with the Cerim Whisper, and then you can find another burial spot towards where you wake up on the beach after finishing the tutorial.

It is also worth noting the general goods trader in Sacrament can also sell around 1-2 clay a day. Make sure to grab these every day in the game to ensure you can actively accrue some more clay over time.

The other tactic is to start a new realm and run through the early game using your main character. The new game world forces all basic enemies and resource spots to respawn, allowing you to run the Shallows and Mariner’s Keep route again. If you get well practiced with the early game quest, you can essentially run to the first boss, enter Sacrament, and buy the vendor clay if you need to. Then reset the realm and go back to your main world.

We also advise not going to particularly rocky areas to farm or built areas. The Nameless pass has one or two in awkward spots, not making it worth visiting. Some other built areas don’t have any from what we can tell. But with that said, you should know how to efficiently farm clay for your main realm’s needs.

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