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No Rest for the Wicked

Mess Hall Key Location - Rescue the Blacksmith

Nathan Garvin

When you die in No Rest for the Wicked, your equipped gear will sustain durability damage. Currently, this death penalty is five points of durability damage (down from 10 durability damage following a patch), but even if you’re transcendently good at the game and don’t die often, smashing barrels and enemies will also damage your weapons. Weapons can be scarce in the early game, and weapons you’re actually fond of can be rarer still, so keeping these arms and armor in functional condition is a concern for any sensible gamer. To repair your gear you’ll need to find a blacksmith, and fortunately one can be found relatively early on in the Mariner’s Keep area. This page will provide a guide for reaching the blacksmith and securing a vital means of keeping your gear in good condition in No Rest for the Wicked.

(1 of 3) Fight your way north to reach the Mariner’s Keep, wherein you’ll find a Whisper close to your objective.

Mess Hall Key Location

After the tutorial stage on the ship, you’ll find yourself washed up on a beach, a location called The Shallows. From where you start out you’ll want to head northwest to reach the Mariner’s Keep - it’s hard to go astray at this point in the game, as the keep is more or less unavoidable from The Shallows, but the way inside is to the northwest. Cross a bridge, then smash a wooden barricade serving as a feeble patch in a destroyed section of the Keep’s walls.

Breach the walls and clear the courtyard, then fight your way north until you find some spiral stairs leading to a tower, where you’ll find a Whisper - these serve as checkpoints, and since there’s one so close to your destination you needn’t really worry about dying. Every enemy you can take down is one step closer to your goal, and when you reach said goal you’ll have access to repairs.

The blacksmith you’re after is just to the southeast of this Whisper, in the Mess Hall, but the door to it is locked. Fortunately, the key isn’t too far away. From the Whisper make your way downstairs, then head east past a bonfire until you reach a gate, slaying anything that opposes you. From the barricades in front of the gate, head south and exit through a doorway to reach a wooden walkway where you’ll find a corpse. Loot it to score the Mess Hall Key.

(1 of 3) Defeat the three Risen that are pestering the blacksmith,

Rescuing the Blacksmith

Now that you have the Mess Hall Key, head back west from the gate until you reach the bonfire, then head south from said bonfire to find the door to the Mess Hall. Open it and you’ll be confronted by three Risen - fortunately, three of the bog-standard type armed with swords. If you want to make this fight easier, try bottlenecking them at the door. They clip, but so do your attacks, and with any luck you’ll damage two or three of them at a time without facing meaningful reprisal from more than one.

Defeat the Risen and enter the mess hall to find Fillmore, the blacksmith. He’ll tell you how he came to be stranded out here before offering you his services. For now, repairs are free, and it should be noted that not only does he repair your arms and armor, but your tools, as well. Abuse this often, as after you defeat the first boss and reach Sacrament he’ll start charging you for the service.

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