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No Rest for the Wicked

Warrick The Torn Boss Guide

Echo Apsey

The first major boss in No Rest For The Wicked is Warrick The Torn. He is a huge step up in difficulty compared to everything else that came before him. And, chances are you won’t survive your first encounter. His fast attacks, varied sword slashes, and strong slams can catch you off guard.

However, after playing through the first few hours of the game we have slain the creature and come up with some great pointers to help you out if you are struggling. Like with most of the combat encounters in the game, you don’t want to get caught with no stamina.

Warrick The Torn Strategy

Some key strategies to employ when taking on Warrick The Torn are:

  • Land one or two attacks and then back off
  • Focus on dodging over blocking and parrying
  • Don’t get greedy

Phase One

Warrick has a vast array of attacks that can easily catch you off guard. The basic ones are a simple ground smash, which can be dodged by rolling away from him, and two sword slashes which you can dodge through. After performing those slashes he will take a few seconds to recover, so you can get a couple of hits in and some decent damage.

There is a chance he will follow up the slam with these spinning slashes, so be sure to nail your dodges, to avoid getting whacked by the combination of these attacks.

He also has another double slash, however, this is denoted by him holding the sword by his side, preparing an attack. This means he will follow through with two sideways uppercuts, which you will need to get out of the way of, as they can easily do a substantial amount of damage.

Simple dodges to the side or through him will suffice and allow you to avoid almost all of his attacks.

In addition to those sword slashes, he can do a straight slam with his sword, which can be dodged by moving either side of the slash, just as he swings towards the ground. If you are at a distance, Warrick will likely perform a strong thrust, carrying him across the arena. The best option is to dodge this sideways and towards him, so you can land a few hits as he recovers.

If he charges the sword and holds it upwards behind him, he will do a strong, single thrust. You must dodge this because it can kill you incredibly easily thanks to its high damage. Like with his other strong attacks, though, you will have some time to get hits in afterwards while he recovers.

Don’t get thrown across the arena and caught in his spinning slashes.

Finally, he can jump towards you and upon landing do a lot of area-of-effect damage, so be sure to roll out of the landing zone. This is different to his other slam where he uses his hands.

Phase Two

At 50% health, phase two of the fight will start and Warrick’s hits will be even stronger. Most of his attacks will remain the same but just deal more damage, or chain together more consistently.

Beyond that, the fight doesn’t change much from this point on so once you learn his attack patterns, he shouldn’t be left standing for long. Just don’t get too greedy as you won’t have as many openings for attacks and combos once he reaches 50% health.

Also, keep a close eye on your stamina meter. Ideally, you never want to run out, as this is where you can get caught in a trap and obliterated by just one or two attacks. So, always land one or two hits depending on how much stamina you have left and then back off so you can recover and dodge Warrick’s next attack.

Now you have defeated the first major boss in the game, you can begin heading towards Sacrament and fully seeing all the loot available. If you want a breakdown of how loot works, be sure to check out our guide on loot and gear in No Rest For The Wicked.

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