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No Rest for the Wicked

Riven Twins Boss Guide

Matt Chard

The second major story boss in No Rest for the Wicked, third if you do Winnick’s quest before, is the Riven Twins. You’ll battle them when you reach the end of the Nameless Pass as part of the quest “Servant of God”. Like most things in this game, expect it to be difficult with their wide-sweeping attacks and ranged plague projectiles. Although they’re twins, they share one body, which means you’ll only be fighting one boss, which is a relief. Read on to find out how to defeat the Riven Twins, what attacks they have, and how you can avoid them.

The Riven Twins is the main boss of Nameless Pass.

Riven Twins Strategy

In general, you will want to employ these key strategies to defeat The Riven Twins.

  • Attack the boss for a couple of hits when it grabs the plague grenade from its chest. Make sure you run at the boss from the side to avoid the grenade.
  • Run to the edge of the arena when it performs its multi-hit room-wide sweep attack. These can be rolled through but will require good timing for you to get the invincibility frames.
  • When it performs its multi-hit combo attack, run as far away from it as you can to avoid all attacks. You can dodge these, and if you choose to, dodge into the boss, not away from it due to the range of its weapon.
  • Only hit the boss once or twice when you get an opening. Any more and you may get punished. This will change for different weapons, but make sure you have enough stamina after your attacks to dodge.
  • Cook plenty of healing items. You can purchase mushrooms and Artemis leaves from Gordon in Sanctuary, so make sure you bring at least 10 Mushroom Soups with you, as each hit from the Riven Twins can take half your health.

Phase One

The Riven Twins have a good amount of attacks in their arsenal, with most of them being sweeping or slam attacks. The sweeping attack comes in two flavors, with the first being a singular sweep where it’ll swing its large stick on the floor around the room once, and then it has its second version where it’ll do the same thing, but it will sweep it around the room three to four times. For the first sweep attack, it will swing the weapon clockwise, and you can simply run to its back or dodge through it to avoid it. However, for the second, multi-hit sweep, it will swing the weapon anti-clockwise, so you’ll want to run to the back of the arena while rolling backward to avoid the attack. This attack can be devastating if you get hit by all the attacks, as when one normally hits you, it’s difficult to get out of the way for the next hit.

(1 of 2) The Single Sweep attack will always go clockwise. Dodge through it or run to the back of the monster to avoid the attack.

The Single Sweep attack will always go clockwise. Dodge through it or run to the back of the monster to avoid the attack. (left), However, the Multi-Sweep attack will always go anti-clockwise. Get to the back of the arena to avoid the attack. (right)

Outside the sweep attack are its slam attacks. One of these will be preceded by a kick that temporarily stuns you as it proceeds with a follow-up slam with the base of its large stick. Fortunately, you have enough time to roll out of the slam, as you will recover from the stun just before this attack takes place. Now, ideally, you won’t get hit by the kick, but sometimes it happens, just make sure you roll away from the slam, which is where the most damage will come from. The second of its slam attacks involves the Twins grasping their stick with both hands and slamming it down horizontally. This comes at you fairly quickly, so dodge through it if you can but be warned this will be followed up with a hilt slam straight after. This leaves the boss open for a couple of attacks after the follow-up attack, so make sure you take advantage of it.

(1 of 4) The Riven Twins will hold their weapon with both hands and slam it down at your location. Dodge toward the boss as the attack is going to land to avoid it.

Finally, the boss will pull out “something” from its chest that acts like a grenade that does plague damage. It’s telegraphed as it slowly pulls it from its chest. When this happens, run toward the boss from the side as this will not only avoid the grenade, but it’ll give you some time to get two or three attacks on the boss. This is one of the best times to deal damage to the boss, so make sure you take the opportunity with both hands! At around 75-70%, the boss will begin phase two with a short roar.

Phase Two

This is more or less the same as phase one, but the attacks will come at you quicker and will throw in a couple of new attacks. The first one (which can be used during phase one) is the five-hit combo which can outright kill you should every attack hit you. The attack string will go like this: Back sweep from left to right, upward swing, back sweep from left to right again, slam, and a regular sweep. As soon as you see the first attack, roll out of its range and run to the edge of the arena to avoid the attack. Now, you can dodge through each of these attacks by dodging toward the boss, but your timing will need to be perfect, so we recommend running away. The second new attack is a grab attack. In all honesty, we have no idea what this does as it’s so slow that we never got hit by it. When the Twins pull its left arm back, simply roll away from it to avoid the attack.

(1 of 4) The boss will repeatedly slam down its weapon at your location three times. Stay away from it to avoid the attack.

This will give you some time to get a few attacks on the boss. Its third attack will add a triple overhead slam attack, where the boss will slam down the end of its weapon onto the ground three times. Either keep your distance to avoid the attack, or dodge each attack and punish the boss. You can run in as the third attack goes off to get a few hits on the boss. Finally, the last attack it will add to its arsenal is the plague pool attack. The boss will headbutt its weapon and then place its hand on the floor before it conjures a plague puddle underneath you. This persists on the ground for a while, so when this happens, make sure you stand near the outer edge of the arena to “drop” it there because you don’t want that to be in your way while you fight the boss. Around the 50% mark, the boss will enter phase three.

Phase Three

Once again, the fight will play out similarly, but the boss will add another attack to its arsenal, quake. The boss will slam the hilt of its weapon into the ground three times, with each time producing a shockwave effect that expands outward. The easiest way to deal with this attack is to repeatedly run to the edge of the arena furthest away from the boss. However, if you roll after each slam, you can avoid each attack, but we recommend you avoid it entirely to be safe. Finally, the boss will add another two plague pools to its plague pool attack, taking it to three. Make sure you place these on the outer edge of the arena while spacing them out a bit, so you can still run in between them. The only real difficulty change for this phase is that your space will get restricted due to the plague pools, which makes it difficult to avoid some attacks.

The boss will stomp its weapon into the ground three times, creating a shockwave effect. Run to the edge of the arena to avoid the attack.

That’s pretty much it for the boss. Its most devastating attacks are its multi-hit combo, triple slam, and quake attacks. The rest you can heal through for the most part. When you defeat The Riven Twins, you should get the powerful Fetid Club weapon as a drop, a Plague Ichor, and some resources. All you need to do now is head through the small doorway to the northeast and take the stairs up to the altar for a scene before you complete the quest. Make sure you visit the Rookery in Sacrament to use your Plague Ichor. We recommend going with the Ring Slot or the extra +5 resource slots, assuming you already have the weapon slot upgrade.

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