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No Rest for the Wicked

All Bosses

Craig Robinson

Bosses in Soulslike games are very powerful creatures that will test your ability to progress through certain quests, main story missions, and more. No Rest for the Wicked‘s bosses are no different, with some designed to prepare you for what is to come, with others having large HP pools, long-winded combos, big damage, and greater range to compete with. Additionally, bosses in the game also award Plague Ichor, a resource you need for gear slots and inventory expansions. That said, here’s everything you need to know about all bosses in No Rest for the Wicked.

Here’s a look at all of the bosses in No Rest For The Wicked.

All Boss Locations

There are a number of bosses in the game. Most of them you’ll find as part of the main story and other activities, while others are completely missable if you don’t return to completed areas of the game, complete weekly challenges, or miss certain side quests. The main story bosses are as follows:

Boss Location Context
Warrick First Boss in Orban Glades Part of the Sacrament Quest
Riven Twins Nameless Pass Part of the Servant of God main story quest.

There are only two campaign bosses you’re guaranteed to fight. The first is Warrick, which is done as part of the Sacrament questline where you make it to the city. The other is the Riven Twins, which is part of the Servant of God questline which starts as you make it to Sacrament and complete the main quests in the town.

Missable Bosses

Completing side quests, exploring previously visited locations, and doing weekly and end-game challenges offer even more bosses you may miss in No Rest for the Wicked.

There are many more missable bosses in No Rest for the Wicked. Some are side quest related, others are missable if you don’t explore previously visited areas, and others are end game content related.

Boss Location Context
Darak (second time you fight him) Orban Glades/The Black Trench The Boss spawns as part of the Rats and Raiders questline in Orban Glade, and then the second fight in the Black Trench, which is only accessible when you reach the second half of the quest.
Echo Knight Crucible A two-phase boss in the end-game dungeon called the Crucible, an ARPG-grind type endgame piece of content.
Nith Leviathan 1 Orban Glades Complete the Rats and Raiders Quest and go to where you fought Darak during the early part of the Rats quest.
Nith Leviathan 2 Nameless Pass Complete the Servant of God quest and a Nith Leviathan should appear where you battled the Riven Twins.
Torn Colossus Sacrament War Room Pick up the Within Our Walls weekly challenge from Sacrament
Brutal Couplet The Shallows Pick up the A Savage Pair weekly bounty from Sacrament to spawn the two mini bosses.

The vast majority of bosses in the game are actually missable or optional. There is one boss that you fight twice during the Rats questline. Darak appears first in the Orban Glades, and then comes back for another big boss battle during second half of the quest. This is a two-phase boss, and will likely require you to be around level 13 for the challenge to be somewhat moderate.

The Nith bosses are also entirely missable. When you defeat Darak the first time and the Riven Twins, you can find mini bosses appear in their former areas. The Nith is the spindly tree-looking enemy, with the huge club-type weapon. It spawns in Darak’s Orban Glades boss arena, with the second location at the Riven boss in the Nameless Pass.

There is also the Torn Colossus, which is a mini-boss that you can fight as part of the weekly challenges from Sacrament. When you get the weekly boss quest, go to the War Room in Sacrament, and kill the mini-boss inside for the challenge. This is considered a boss as it awards a Plague Ichor as the campaign bosses do. It doesn’t have a traditional boss health bar though. The same is said for the Brutal Couplet, who is also a weekly challenge spawn boss.

The other optional boss is the Echo Knight. This is an end-game boss that is part of the Crucible feature. It’s essentially a repeatable dungeon with a boss at the end. Defeating it seems to have the best odds at farming legendary weapons among other end-game gems, materials, and resources.

This concludes all of the No Rest for the Wicked bosses we are aware of as of the early access launch. Good luck finding them all and beating them.

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