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No Rest for the Wicked

The Potion Seller Walkthrough

Craig Robinson

The Potion Seller is a missable side quest in No Rest For The Wicked. When you leave the Keep at the start of the game and find the refugees hiding in some shelter with a fireplace, you should arrive along the road leading to the Orban Glades. Look for a ladder, and you’ll find a hidden cave. Inside the cave is a potion seller, who will give you a quest to get the special Iona bloom shroom. However, this place is riddled with missable loot, an extended pathway back to the potion seller. If you want to complete The Potion Seller Quest in No Rest For The Wicked and get the best outcome from the quest, this walkthrough should help you.

This guide will help yo complete the Potion Seller Walkthrough in No Rest For the Wicked.

The Potion Seller Quest Location

Once you’ve decided on getting an extra Pickaxe or not, enter Iona’s Cave, and proceed through the cavern. You should find a stall slightly down the cavern path where you can talk to the Potion Seller called Markos and get the quest. From there, you need to venture through the cave and find Iona’s Bloom.

(1 of 2) Once you enter the glade, go down the ladder to find a missable cave.

Once you enter the glade, go down the ladder to find a missable cave. (left), Inside the cave is a quest giver that allows you to start the Potion Seller Quest. (right)

While on the pathway, you need to drop from the road right of the potion seller and towards some enemies. There will be a few around the bottom bit, a crossbow enemy at the top out of your reach, and likely some heavy-armored enemies on ledges waiting for you to climb up. Dodge the archer the best you can using cover when possible, and kill the two regular enemies. When it comes to the heavier armored enemy, you will likely need to spam dodge to create distance and trade blows when you can. Don’t forget about that archer either as it can see you. If you have a heavy equipment load, feel free to shoulder-barge the heavy enemy off to the floor below to get more battle space. With the enemies dealt with, you can now loot this immediate area for destructables and other lootables such as a basic mining nodes around the cavern floor.

(1 of 2) Fight the archer and the big guard blocking you from the vine-jumping spot.

Fight the archer and the big guard blocking you from the vine-jumping spot. (left), After climbing the vines and ladder, there’s another vine that leads to a checkpoint, but not without more big nasty guards. (right)

When you’re ready to progress, look for where you fight the bigger enemy, and run and jump towards the vines. You should climb to a new section with new enemies around, once again camping your climbable surfaces. There should be packs of enemies to deal with, so do be careful here. Again, anything that can stagger or topple enemies off the ledges can help clear some of the crowds here. There are at least two bruiser-type enemies and one regular enemy here to monitor.

With the new enemies dead, you need to get to the Cerim Whisp nearby. To do so, climb the root along the cavern wall and head up. You can then proceed along the path, kill the two enemies guards, or parkour from a rock and jump across to activate it. From here kill the two guards if you have not already, and then progress deeper into the cave to the Iona’s Bloom for the quest.

Escaping with Iona’s Bloom

Once you interact with Iona’s Bloom, you will enter a new world with new paths that open up. Follow the track back up to where you came from, and now you need to look for previously invisible paths. Some of these paths take you to missable chests. We recommend grabbing these first:

  1. From the Cerim Whisp, go right near where the two guards were, you should find a gap that brings you to vines you can climb. Climb and get the loot. We got 1x Chipped Coal.
  2. Go towards the ledge where the two guards stood along the path to the Cerim Whisp. It should bring you to a distant rock with a chest containing a few coins and Blade Oil.
  3. You can drop from the vines used to reach the Cerim from the previous part of the cave. You’ll take some fall damage, but it shouldn’t kill you. The chest allows you to get a Fallen Ember, a Chipped Quartz, and a Small Vial of Focus.
  4. From the last chest, travel down along the trippy path. A chest is hidden behind a few crates. We got some leather scraps and jute used for crafting.

From the Cerim Whisp, you can get missable loot for crafting materials and other goods, and progress the Potion Seller Quest.

To progress with the quest, go to the ramp where the guards once stood near the Cerim Whisp. You should see a ledge you can drop from. Drop down, and towards the ledge straight ahead, you should find a pathway to follow that takes you back to the scaffolding area where that archer was earlier. Keep following these pathways to new ledges previously inaccessible. This new platform should make you climb a vine to the next stage of the cave.

When you climb the vines, you’re now in what I like to call the gauntlet. This gauntlet has a few archers and fire mage enemies around. The best bet is to sprint and dodge the attacks they send your way. Run through the cave, onto the mushroom path, then run and jump across the vines. When you climb up, there are armored enemies guarding the paths. You can either dispatch them, or run to the edge at the further away part of the platform and run and jump, to the new mushroom pathway. From here, you’ve got another gauntlet. Make sure you have full stamina, and run across the pathway towards another jumping spot. Be mindful that more archers and fire mages attacks are thrown at you along the upcoming path. Feel free to stall the first attack or two by spinning and dodging the attacks then sprint across. It should allow you to dodge all attacks. Keep running and then climb to the final section.

(1 of 2) Run through the gauntlet, and be careful of the guards atop the vines part way through.

Run through the gauntlet, and be careful of the guards atop the vines part way through. (left), Continue sprinting through the gauntlet avoiding the range attacks to get close to the finish line. (right)

This final section of the map for us has a very thin cave with one big treant enemy. This enemy has some very long-range swipes, three consecutive long strike attacks with its club, and a close-range grab ability. If you’re somewhat under-leveled, feel free to chuck two scrap bombs at it to make it extremely manageable. Once it’s dispatched or completely ignored, you’re at the end of the gauntlet. You should find some iron ore and silver ore at the end of the pathway, and you should find the effects of the Iona Spore wear off. You can now jump down the waterfall, and get the shortcut back to the Potion Seller to complete the quest.

Completing the Potion Seller Quest this way should allow you to get the potion seller as a store in Sacrament when you arrive at the city.

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