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No Rest for the Wicked

The Innkeeper's Husband Walkthrough

Echo Apsey

The Innkeeper’s Husband is one of the first side quests you have access to in No Rest For The Wicked as soon as you arrive in Sacrament. The quest will ask you to find Caroline’s husband, who herself can be found in Sacrament by the burned-down inn.

She will ask you to retrieve her husband who has run off towards Mariner’s Keep. So, to help her out, you can take up the quest and find her husband for her. Thankfully, this is a quest you can do right away at levels 3-5 as it isn’t too tricky and can be started back at The Shallows - the game’s first area. You will have to contend with some trickier enemies and foes, however.

The Innkeeper’s Husband Quest Location

To kick off the quest you will need to head back to the shoreline in The Shallows, at the far west of the map. Climb up the tower on the edge of the coast by entering through the destroyed back of it. You can climb up the rocks, or walk along the wall to enter. Up the stairs, you can find the tower is connected to a bridge. Waiting on the bridge is the husband.

Who knows how the Husband ended up getting here and getting himself trapped, but now you have to fight through a new area to rescue him.

After talking to him, he will give the Western Gate Key to help him off the bridge as he has found himself trapped. You will need to drop the ladder down on the wall nearby to be able to get the husband out of the situation he has found himself in. The area you will need to traverse through is Mariner’s Keep, which is just north of the tower you climbed up.

Head back into the main fort near the shore and on the western side you can find a locked door by a small set of stairs. Here you can use the Western Gate Key.

The door to access Mariner’s Keep is just beside the Whisper in the main fort.

Mariner’s Keep

Mariner’s Keep is a fairly brief area tagged onto the side of The Shallows. However, it is home to some more beefy enemies, so your dodge and parry game will need to be on point.

As with some of the other tough enemies who have found their way into the fort just outside Mariner’s Keep, you can find similar tough foes here. Like with other fights, you want to try to only fight one enemy at a time and not get caught off guard by a melee-based enemy and a ranged one.

There are multiple combat scenarios here with several enemies, including ranged archers. Our tip is to lure the melee brutes away from the ranged enemies. That way when they are recovering from their attacks you can rush over to the archers and kill them swiftly - as they have far less health.

Additionally, you want to be especially careful of the large enemies with hammers. These foes will swing the hammer several times back to back (around a half-a-dozen times). It is very easy to die in two hits to these soldiers, so be sure to nail dodges and practice if you need to. After they have finished their combo, you can land a hit or two, or a charged hit and repeat this cycle to eventually kill them.

The stagger bar is quite important when it comes to them as you can easily stagger them, giving you time to land around a half-dozen hits or so back to back.

Returning to Gordon

After a few small groups of enemies though, you will return to the ladder where Gordon is, and when you have knocked down the ladder, you will talk to Gordon once again automatically. Afterward, he will return to Sacrament. Returning to the town, you can then visit him to buy materials and crafting items for dishes like mushrooms, herbs, and ingredients. He is a fantastic way to quickly rack up items for healing items - which can be hard to come by in the world.

For even more on Sacrament now that you have finished this quest, check out our guide on how to repair weapons and gear in No Rest For The Wicked. Additionally, our rebuilding Sacrament guide has a breakdown of how to restore the town.

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