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No Rest for the Wicked

Copper Ore Locations

Matt Chard

When you reach Sacrament for the first time, you will unlock the Rebuilding Sacrament feature, where you will soon realize that you need a lot of Copper Ore for the majority of the tasks. Unfortunately, Copper Ore is sparse right now, but there are a couple of locations where you can always find them, and their respawn isn’t too bad either, so you can farm them every 20-30 minutes or so. In short, you can find Copper Ore in the following locations:

  • The Shallows
  • Mariner’s Keep
  • Orban Glades

Read on to find out exactly where you can find these deposits and what is the best method to acquire them.

Although you can find Copper Ore Deposits in Orban Glades, we recommend you go to The Shallows and Mariner’s Keep for them.

Best Copper Ore Farming Spots

Although we mention three places above, Orban Glades isn’t particularly great for Copper Ore, although you can find some there. This is because it’s spread apart and requires you to do too much running around to reach them. However, The Shallows, where you first start the game, has several deposits in relatively short distances from each other. Furthermore, it joins on to Mariner’s Keep, which also has a few deposits. This farming route starts at the Whisper on the beach at The Shallows, which is in the far southeast of the map. If you’re coming from Sacrament, follow this route the opposite way around. Note that we won’t mention enemies as they constantly change throughout the game, but you will have to deal with some while you do this, so make sure you have healing items on you. Furthermore, bring at least two Copper Pickaxes (purchased from the merchants in Sacrament), even better if you have a higher-level Pickaxe such as the Iron Pickaxe.

Here is the overall farming route. You start in the southwest of The Shallows and finish in the northeast of Mariner’s Keep.

  • Copper Ore 1: From the Whisper, exit, and head south around the edge of it and follow it anti-clockwise to find the first deposit sitting in between the Whisper housing and the brownish rocks.
  • Copper Ore 2: Head east along the beach and across the bridge to find a deposit at the end of the bridge, sitting next to the gray rocks on your left.
  • Copper Ore 3: Follow the rock north to find another deposit nearby, not too far from the water.
  • Copper Ore 4: Make your way back to the Whisper you started at and head north to find some planks. Follow them to the beam and jump into the alcove east for another deposit.
  • Copper Ore 5: Jump back onto the beam and continue north up the two ladders. At the top of the second ladder, head east into the adjacent room to find another deposit at the back of the room, next to the tent.
  • Follow the wall to the right of the deposit south, climb on the wooden planks, and then head north to where the vines are. Climb on the railing, jump over the gap, and touch the Mariner’s Keep Whisper.
  • Copper Ore 6: From the Whisper, climb over the railing and head along the broken wooden platform east. At the end of this path, you’ll find another deposit at the top of the stairs in the next room.
  • Return to the nearby Whisper and head back to Sacrament.

This is it for the farming spot. If you’re lucky, you can end up with around 10+ Copper Ores. There are a few more deposits in Orban Glades, but they’re spread apart, with some requiring you to go far into the area to reach them. As we mentioned earlier, it feels like the game needs a few more Copper Ore deposits, especially considering the amount of tasks that require it. Hopefully, this will be addressed in the future.

(1 of 12) Copper Ore 1: Right next to the Whisper housing.

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