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No Rest for the Wicked

Cerim Crucible Explained

Matt Chard

The Cerim Crucible is currently the endgame activity in No Rest for the Wicked. Unlocked after completing the main quest, Servant of God, the Cerim Crucible will pit you against the most difficult enemies the game has to offer on a variety of floors, where your goal is to find and defeat the special boss, the Echo Knight. To offset the difficulty, this mode offers you the best rewards you can get in the game. Read on to find out what you need to do to access the Cerim Crucible Trials and what you can expect from it.

The Cerim Crucible is an endgame activity that pits you against strong enemies in a gauntlet.

Unlocking the Cerim Crucible

Before you can access the Cerim Crucible, you need to complete the main quest, Servant of God. When that’s complete, head back to Sacrament, go to the area where Danos is (near the War Room), and speak to Roan who has left the Rookery to come to find you. You can find him near the town crier, south of Danos. It seems that he found an old tome that can help explain the strange chamber under the cemetery that Elsa found, and apparently, it involves you. He asks that you bring the tome to Elsa who can be found in the old masonry shop in the cemetery area situated in the northwest of Sacrament.

Head over to the cemetery and enter the masonry shop. Follow the linear path deeper until you find Elsa, who’ll be standing near an odd-looking altar. Speak to her, and she’ll tell you that the tome mentions that the altar needs the blood from a Cerim, and you just happen to be one. What are the odds?! She’ll tell you to make an offering to the altar, so do as she says and interact with the altar, and the doors will open.

(1 of 6) Speak to Roan in the same area with the War Room and Danos.

Deeper in the chamber, follow Elsa down the stairs where you’ll eventually find an ominous device in the center. Behind the device with unlit torches encircling it is a Whisper. Interact with it and another door to the west will open and unveil another altar. Head over to the altar and speak to Elsa to find out that this place used to be an ancient training ground for the Cerim to hone their skills. A gauntlet of different places stitched together from different times, places, and dreams. However, you need Fallen Embers to activate it. Good thing you’ve been keeping all those embers you’ve been finding, right? If you have a Fallen Ember on you, use it on the altar, if not, follow our Fallen Embers Farming Guide to find out how you can acquire them. Once you use an ember on the altar, the torches around the ominous device in the center of the room will light up. This essentially means the trial is ready to access. All you need to do now is stand in the center and let it take you to the trial.

(1 of 2) After speaking to Elsa, add a Fallen Ember to the altar with a bit of your blood.

After speaking to Elsa, add a Fallen Ember to the altar with a bit of your blood. (left), This will unlock the trial. Stand on the elevator and get ready for it to begin. (right)

Cerim Crucible Trials

As of right now, there is only one Crucible trial in early access. However, it’ll take everything you’ve got to complete it. We recommend you to be around level 20-30 (cap) before you can complete the trial due to the difficulty of the boss that will appear at the end of it, but it’s still a great place to level and upgrade your equipment, so spend some time defeating the enemies inside, and slowly level yourself up.

So, what are Crucible trials you ask? Well, these trials are several small areas that are filled with difficult enemies that are required to be defeated before you can advance to the next floor. After six or seven floors, you’ll encounter a boss, called the Echo Knight, who is by far the most difficult challenge in the game currently. Although you’ll always fight on the same floors in the trial, they will be randomized, and to some point, so will the enemies. However, the chests will always appear in the same place on each floor. The most difficult part about the trials outside the boss is that the enemies you’ll encounter will make you fight multiple of them at the same time, some of which you wouldn’t have seen until now.

(1 of 3) There are several floors in the trial that appear in random order.

One thing that makes the Crucible a good place to fight is that the enemies yield good experience points, and they can drop higher-tier gear and resources. For this reason, it’s worth grinding here, even if you can’t get past the first floor. However, it’ll cost you one Fallen Ember every time you want to attempt the crucible, so keep that in mind when you do. That’s it for the Crucible Trials for now. Moon Studios has confirmed that they plan on adding more trials as the game goes through its development, which has us stoked.

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