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No Rest for the Wicked

Getting Plague Ichor For Spilled Blood & Best Upgrades

Craig Robinson

Spilled Blood is a quest in No Rest For The Wicked, where players are required to get Plague Ichor. This item is a legendary item that players will get from bosses they meet through weekly missions and the campaign. To make it easier to know when to expect to get Plague Ichors, we have a list of known bosses and their locations.

Plague Ichor Locations

(1 of 2) Defeating bosses connected with main and side quests will award Plague Ichor in No Rest for the Wicked

Defeating bosses connected with main and side quests will award Plague Ichor in No Rest for the Wicked (left), Don’t forget to go back to old boss arenas for mining bosses and complete the weekly objectives boss for some more Plague Ichors. (right)

To find Plague Ichor in No Rest for the Wicked, you need to fight the following bosses:

Boss Location Context
Warrick First Boss in Orban Glades Part of the Sacrament Quest
Darak (second time you fight him) The Black Trench Area unlocks via the Rats questline
Riven Twins Nameless Pass Part of the Servant of God main story quest.
Nith Leviathan 1 Orban Glades Complete the Rat Quest and go to where you fought Darak during the early part of the Rats quest.
Nith Leviathan 2 Nameless Pass Complete the Servant of God quest and a Nith Leviathan should appear where you battled the Riven Twins.
Torn Colossus Sacrament War Room Pick up the Within Our Walls weekly challenge from Sacrament
Brutal Couplet Shallows Pick up the A Savage Pair weekly bounty from Sacrament to spawn the two mini bosses on the beach south of Mariner’s Keep.

These are all the creatures we’ve seen so far that drop Plague Ichor. Return to the Rookery, Sacrament, and speak to the old man and his assistant to hand your Plague Ichors in. When you do so, you can select the upgrades you want to make to your gear slots and inventory spaces.

Best Upgrades for the Spilled Blood Quest

What upgrades will you take with your Plague Ichor hand-ins?

When you hand in your Plague Ichor, you can choose whether to upgrade your gear, equipment, or resource inventory. You can also opt to increase the slots you have for your main hand and off-hand, in case you want to rotate between different weapons or shields at different times.
You should be taking the following improvements seriously:

  • Ring Slots
  • Offhand
  • Gear slots
  • Resource Slots

In our opinion, we think that upgrading your offhand once is worth it. There are quite a lot of annoying ranged enemies in the game. Having access to a bow for most builds greatly helps you with your ability to pick off annoying enemies. If you don’t need that, then it is no biggie.

You should also upgrade your ring slots, as it means access to more gear, gem slots, and stats. That’s a no brainer for the mid to late game improvements.

The other recommended upgrades are for your resource and your gear inventory menus. You’ll be getting lots of gear drops, and so, it means more potential good loot pickups and more money for selling items to traders. There are also a lot of unique resources in the game for various crafting recipes and schematic crafting. If you’re doing building projects, farming for cooking, or schematic crafting, an extra resource inventory expansion is very much worth it.

Hopefully, these suggestions help you with the best ways to use your Plague Ichor upgrade choices for the Spilled Blood Quest.

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