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No Rest for the Wicked

Bounties & Challenges Explained

Nathan Garvin

Sometimes in order to progress you’ll need to look backward - a bit of grinding can go a long way toward getting you strong enough to face the challenges that lie ahead. Once you defeat the first boss and subsequently reach Sacrament, enemies, resources and treasure will start to respawn regularly, allowing you to backtrack and farm for gear, materials, money and XP. While grinding can sometimes be a necessary evil, it can get tedious running through the same areas over and over again, fighting the same foes repeatedly. Fortunately, there’s a way to break up the monotony - running through the same areas over and over again fighting somewhat different enemies while also forfeiting extraneous resources for gear and gold! To this end you have bounties and challenges, which can not only add some variety to the mundane task of leveling up, but expedite the process, and this page will explain how both of these features work in No Rest for the Wicked.

You can start bounties and challenges after reaching Sacrament - just talk to Captain Randolph to see what he has to offer.

Starting Bounty Hunts and Challenges

After reaching Sacrament you can seek out Captain Randolph near the lower entrance to the Rookery, who will offer you a variety of services, including Bounty Hunting, Challenges and Entitlements, the latter of which seems to just be used to redeem in-game content you may have earned from various sources.

That being the case we’ll turn our attention to Bounty Hunting and Challenges, which are both split into two categories as of this writing: Daily and weekly options, which, as their name implies, refresh once per day or week, with the latter being correspondingly more lucrative than the latter. This means you’re limited in how many of these you can complete at a time, but it does provide some incentive for you to continuously log in to complete your dailies, which are much more rewarding than just roaming around at random. It’s also worth noting that the types of bounties and challenges you’re offered will change as you advance the story and gain access to new areas and/or old areas are repopulated.

With those shared generalizations out of the way, let’s get a look at how bounties and challenges work, individually.

(1 of 3) Daily bounty hunts are somewhere between scavenger hunts and pest control,

Bounty Hunting

On paper, these are your standard extermination quests, but they vary significantly in difficulty simply due to what you’re tasked with hunting. Sometimes you’ll be tasked with killing crabs, which is more of a scavenger hunt than a proper bounty, while other times you’ll need to put down dangerous wildlife or ne’er-do-wells, at least as far as dailies go. Weekly bounties are considerably more dangerous, featuring elite enemies or even minibosses, but they’re incredibly rewarding.

You can only have one bounty active at a time and you must activate it for the targets of the bounty to actually spawn. Once a bounty is active the target of said bounty may replace the original enemies in the area, so you usually won’t have to worry about dealing with an unmanageable horde of enemies… unless that’s what the bounty entails, anyway. Head to the location (this will usually be rough and not marked on your map, e.g. “eastern Mariner’s Keep”, slay the appointed enemies, then return to Captain Randolph in Sacrament and be sure to claim your bounty. Starting up a new bounty while another is active will cause the previous bounty to be abandoned.

(1 of 3) Weekly bounties pit you against stronger foes,

For completing a bounty you’ll typically earn coin and items, both of which are stipulated at the bottom of the screen when selecting bounties. What isn’t advertised is the decent influx of XP you’ll get for completing a bounty, which makes even trivial bounties worth doing… especially if you’re going to be running through an area anyway. Why not increase your gains at (usually) little extra risk to yourself? It’s also worth noting that weekly enemies, while much stronger, often drop ichor, which you can use to unlock permanent upgrades like new weapon, ring, tool and inventory slots.

(1 of 2) The most common challenges are simple resource fetch quests - deliver the specified quantity of resources and enjoy getting paid above market value for them.

The most common challenges are simple resource fetch quests - deliver the specified quantity of resources and enjoy getting paid above market value for them. (left), Some challenges involve combat, blocking or parrying enemies, or killing enemies with specific weapons. (right)


Challenges are a bit different from bounties in that there’s not always combat required. The most common type of challenge is resource-gathering assignments, which are deceptively simple - deliver a set number of a specific material and you’re golden. You don’t even have to activate these challenges ahead of time, if you have the requested material in your inventory you can just hand it over.

Some challenges are a bit more involved, typically the ones that require combat. These come in the form of blocking or parrying a number of attacks, or defeating a number of enemies with a specific weapon. These must be activated ahead of time, otherwise their counter won’t increase. Fortunately, unlike bounties, you can have numerous challenges active at the same time. As for weekly challenges, these are generally less interesting and rewarding than bounty hunts as of this writing, typically relegated to busywork like completing a certain number of challenges or completing building projects around Sacrament. Still, be sure to activate these so you at least get credit for your effort.

Challenges yield money and gear, as stipulated in the rewards section of the challenges screen, but they’re generally less lucrative than bounties, especially as they often task you with forfeiting materials. Still, if you end up with a surplus of mushrooms, herbs, lumber or ore, why not let somebody pay you above market value for them?

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