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No Rest for the Wicked

All Legendary Weapons And Where To Find Them

Echo Apsey

The rarest gear in No Rest For The Wicked are legendary weapons. These weapons come with unique stats, hand-crafted by Moon Studios. With several perks and high damage, you will need high stats across Faith, Intelligence, Dexterity, and Strength to be able to use the weapons currently in the game and the weapons that will be added throughout early access.

Below you can find a list of all the current legendary weapons in No Rest For The Wicked and how to get them. Keep in mind these weapons can drop with lower stats based on your level, encouraging farming and replaying through areas to find them again with their max stats.

Legendary Weapons can have a range of buffs, Runes, and bonuses that change how your combat style.

All Legendary Weapons

The full list of weapons currently in the game is as follows:

Weapon Weapon Type Stats Requirements Buffs
Bleeder’s Delight Dual Wielding Double Dagger 13 damage, 10 piercing 42 Dexterity 25% Chance to deal bonus stagger damage on damage dealt. Gain 17% attack speed for 10 seconds on kill. Running will not decrease stamina.
Cinder & Stone Two Handed Great Hammer 24 damage, 30 piercing 16 Strength, 16 Intelligence Deals 26 Heat damage on parry. Stagger resistance increased by 16%.
Corpse Smeared Blade Two Handed Great Sword 26 damage, 20 piercing 22 Strength Attacks deal 16% extra Plague damage. Chance to regenerate health on damage dealt. Stamina increased by 29% .
Falling Sky Two Handed Staff 21 damage, 10 piercing 42 Intelligence Damage increased with max Focus. Rune attack damage increases by 24% for 5 seconds after Rune attack.
Falstead’s Fury One Handed Straight Sword 16 damage, 10 piercing 22 Strength, 22 Faith Deal 40 damage on parry. Deal 14% bonus damage at full health. Deal 14% bonus damage against large enemies. Health increased by 18%
Fetid Club Two Handed Great Club 29 damage, 30 piercing 26 Faith Deal 36% damage against staggered enemies. Damage increases with current weight. Increases stagger damage by 20% for 5 seconds on damage taken.
Midnight Blade One Handed Knife 8 damage, 10 piercing 16 Dexterity, 16 Intelligence Deal 18% bonus damage against enemies affected by Cold. Gain 25% focus on backstab. Gain 26% focus on Parry.
Proud Lance One Handed Spear 19 damage, 10 piercing 38 Strength, 38 Dexterity Attacks deal 36% extra electric damage. Lose 100% damage for 10 seconds on damage taken. Movement speed increased by 9%.
Sinew One Handed Rapier 8 damage, 10 piercing 16 Faith, 16 Intelligence Deal 23% bonus damage against enemies at low health. Gain 4% health on damage dealt. Stamina refill on parry.
Wind of Death One Handed Katana 21 damage, 10 piercing 26 Dexterity, 26 Faith Dodging stamina cost reduced by 21%. Increased damage by up to 57% depending on missing health. Lose 2% health on damage dealt.
Falstead’s Barricade Grate Shield 287 armor, 30 poise 28 Strength Deal 11 damage on block. Gain 9% focus on blocked attacks. Indestrucible
Heart’s Desire Medium Shield 214 armor, 20 poise 42 Faith Blocking stamina cost decreased by 31%. Deals 3 stagger damage on block. Healing effects increased by 19%.
Laquered Bow One Handed Bow 15 damage, 10 piercing 42 Dexterity Deal 36% bonus Heat damage against beasts. Gain 20% stamina on dodging an attack

As mentioned earlier on in the article, more weapons will be added throughout the early access period and when the game fully launches so this list will consistently be updated.

The Corpse Smeared Blade is a powerful, sweeping sword able to do a lot of damage, but you will need quite a bit of strength to wield it.

Legendary Weapons Locations

Legendary weapons in No Rest for the Wicked are completely randomized like all the other gear in the game. You simply need to get lucky when killing a boss or looting a chest. As of right now, there isn’t a guaranteed way to get higher-tier gear at all.

However, Moon Studios could add this later down the line during Early Access, either through killing specific bosses or by completing certain quests or bounties.

That covers all the legendary weapons in the game. Be sure to take a look at our full guide on No Rest for the Wicked for even more gear, quest, and boss guides as you reach the end game of the current build during early access.

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