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No Rest for the Wicked

Everything To Know About Loot And Gear

Echo Apsey

Moon Studios have opted for a classless system in No Rest For The Wicked meaning that you can use any weapon, shield, armor piece, or accessory. You aren’t locked into your class and your playstyle is determined by which weapon you are using.

This allows for much more flexibility when playing alone and also means you won’t feel trapped by decisions you made previously in your playthrough. It also has the potential to create more complex and interesting team combinations when multiplayer launches for the game.

In this guide, we will go over everything you need to know about how loot and gear work in Moon Studios’ action RPG, from the rarities, to how many weapons you can equip, and where you can find new gear.

Is Loot Randomized?

Loot is completely randomized, meaning that you can always find new items in your playthrough and you won’t always find the same gear as your friends. Additionally, the stats on weapons and gear you find are also randomized.

The only loot that isn’t randomized are Unique weapons and gear, which are the rarest items in Isola Sacra.

Loot And Gear Rarities

There are four loot and gear rarities in No Rest For The Wicked:

  • Common (white) - Basic, most customizable items
  • Rare (blue) - Items that include positive Enchantments
  • Cursed (purple) - Strong items that come with positive Enchantments, as well as a Cursed Enchantment that has a negative effect
  • Unique (gold) - Items specifically handcrafted by Moon Studios with unique Enchantments exclusive to that weapon or piece of gear.

As confirmed by Moon Studios during the Wicked Inside showcase, instead of common weapons being considered “trash” or “pointless” after a few hours, the goal was to make each loot rarity different and valuable for different players and playstyles.

That is why common weapons and gear will be the most customizable, with the most abilities to use in fights. Additionally, blue, rare items have tons of positive effects and boosts, such as improved attack speed, refilling your stamina upon parrying attacks, and dealing extra elemental damage.

However, the number of active abilities that can be used in combat with these weapons and pieces of gear is significantly less.

Each rarity can be used at any time to suit your needs, you won’t need to bin all your lower rarity items if you want to use a weapon with a lot of positive Enchantments or active combat abilities.

When it comes to Cursed items, these can be even stronger. However, alongside a number of positive stat boosts, passive abilities, and bonuses, they will come with one negative effect. Some of the effects we have seen so far include decreasing your equip load, slowing your attack speed, and halving your focus.

Some of these Cursed Enchantments are more drastic debilitations than others, so it will be worth farming for certain weapons and gear that have less punishing Cursed Enchantments, especially if you like the basic bonuses the gear offers.

Finally, Unique items act like Legendary gear in other action RPGs. These are one-of-a-kind weapons and gear that have unique abilities, stats, and Enchantments that aren’t randomized. Unlike the rest of the loot in the game, each time you find these they will have the same perks and bonuses as Moon Studios have made these items specifically to fit a certain build or playstyle based on their stats and Enchantments.

These items will be the hardest to find and require a lot of luck, so prepare to be in for a grind to find them all.

Total Gear and Weapon Slots

By default, you can hold one weapon, one shield, one accessories, three tools, and equip four pieces of armor. However, some of these slots can be upgraded to hold three accessories, three shields, and three weapons. This allows for a lot of flexibility in the midst of a fight.

For example, you can equip three different weapon types: daggers that allow for fast flurries of attacks against nimble enemies, a strong greatsword for armored enemies, and a balanced sword for regular attacks against mobs and grunts.

Despite being able to equip a lot of items, you will have to worry about your equipment’s weight, so you will need to balance armor and weapons.

As of the early access launch, this is how much gear you can equip. This could change during early access either limiting slots or adding more. In addition to the weapons and gear on your person, you also have a bunch of items in your inventory that you can switch out at any point.

Getting New Weapons and Armor

New weapons and armor in No Rest For The Wicked can be found by killing enemies, bosses, looting chests, or being found throughout the world. Drops are fairly common, but the loot will be randomized, as mentioned previously.

So, you should have no problem finding new items during your journey, however, getting the weapon or piece of gear you want might take a fair bit of grinding.

That is a basic overview of what to expect from the loot and gear in No Rest For The Wicked during your playthrough. Be sure to keep an eye out for even more in-depth guides on the best weapons, the best armor, and where you can find all the Unique weapons.

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