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Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Bonny Gaol Walkthrough

Shane Williams

The Realm of Shadows is a new world to explore in Elden Ring with the Shadow of the Erdtree“ DLC. This means there’ll be many new items, bosses and dungeons to discover. The "Bonny Gaol" iconBonny Gaol is a dungeon located to the south of "Bonny Village" iconBonny Village which is found in the "Scadu Altus" iconScadu Altus Region. On this page, we’ll provide you with the necessary steps to navigating this dungeon and finding all items.

The Bonny Gaol can be found to the south of Bonny Village.

Bonny Gaol Loot

Item Type
"Frozen Maggot" iconFrozen Maggot Crafting
"Stalwart Horn Charm +2" iconStalwart Horn Charm +2 Talisman
Smithing Stone [2] Crafting
"Bolt" iconBolt Ammo
"Invigorating Cured Meat" iconInvigorating Cured Meat Consumable
Lost Ash of War Upgrade Material
"Silver Horn Tender" iconSilver Horn Tender Buff
"Innard Meat" iconInnard Meat Weapon
"Curseblade Meera" iconCurseblade Meera Special Ash
"Night Set" iconNight Set Armor

Bonny Gaol Dungeon Location

The Bonny Gaol Dungeon can be found by starting at the Bonny Village Site of Grace and then crossing the bridge to the south. If you haven’t already unlocked this site of grace then you can do so by starting at the "Moorth Ruins" iconMoorth Ruins Site of Grace and then head west and enter the small archway. Jump down to the bottom via the horse and work your way through the tunnel and climb up the ladder to reach Bonny Village.

Exploring Bonny Gaol

Once you’ve entered the Bonny Gaol Dungeon, follow the path down and enter the first room on the right to acquire some "Frozen Maggot" iconFrozen Maggots, then drop onto the jar on the left to be taken down to the path below and check out the room on the right for a "Hefty Cracked Pot" iconHefty Cracked Pot. Hop back onto the jar to be lifted back up to the area above and then proceed into the next room. Collect the "Bolt" iconBolt from the corpse before hopping down into the hole, then pick up the "Broken Rune" iconBroken Rune before following the path along to the north and climbing up the ladder to find a "Stalwart Horn Charm +2" iconStalwart Horn Charm +2.

Head back towards the cave while hugging the wall on the left to obtain a Smithing Stone [2]. When you reach the main cave, travel west to pick up yet another Broken Rune, then backtrack and take a right at the fork in the path. Grab the "Invigorating Cured Meat" iconInvigorating Cured Meat from the corpse on the left before dropping down into the large open room. Here you can grab a Broken Rune of a corpse which is sitting beside a gate on the left, then make your way over to the corpse on the opposite of the room for a "Lost Ashes of War" iconLost Ashes of War.

(1 of 3) Drop into the hole

Proceed into the next room and grab the Innaard Meat of the floor before sticking to the left side of the room to find a "Raw Meat Dumpling" iconRaw Meat Dumpling sitting inside of a broken jar. Continue following the path around until you enter the main room, then you’ll find a "Silver Horn Tender" iconSilver Horn Tender sitting in the first room on the left. Open the gate and step onto the jar and then wait for it to take you up to obtain the Night Armor Set. Additionally, you’ll want to head up the stairs to find the "Shield of Night" iconShield of Night on a corpse which is sitting on the edge of the platform. Finally, take the jar back down and beeline for the boss room where you’ll face the "Curseblade Labirith" iconCurseblade Labirith.

The Curseblade Labirith doesn’t have a very much health at all, so it should go down relatively easily within a few a hits, but its very quick and its attacks deal lots of damage, so we recommend keeping your distance until its finished a sequence of attacks, then quickly run in and get one or two attacks before retreating and repeating. Once you’ve defeated the Curseblade Labirith you’ll receive the "Curseblade Meera" iconCurseblade Meera Special Ash. Unfortunately, there isn’t any site of grace here, so interact with the spiral in the back of the room to return to the entrance.

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