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Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Lamenters Gaol Walkthrough

Shane Williams

The Realm of Shadows is a new world to explore in Elden Ring with the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. This means there’ll be many new items, bosses and dungeons to discover. "Lamenter" iconLamenters Gaol is a dungeon located to the northwest of "Charo's Hidden Grave" iconCharo’s Hidden Grave Site of Grace which is found in the "Cerulean Coast" iconCerulean Coast Region. On this page, we’ll provide you with the necessary steps to navigating this dungeon and finding all items.

Lamenter’s Gaol can be found beyond this gate.

Lamenters Gaol Dungeon Location

The Lamenters Gaol Dungeon can be found within the Charo’s Hidden Grave area, but unfortunately it can be difficult to reach as there isn’t a clear path. You can reach this area by starting at the Pillar Path Waypoint site of grace and then follow the path to the south until you reach the Dragon Pit Cave. Work your way through the cave until you have to drop down into a pit and then defeat the "Ancient Dragon-Man" iconAncient Dragon-Man if you haven’t already.

Rest at the Dragon’s Pit Terminus Site of Grace and continue following the path along to the south until you reach the "Grand Altar of Dragon Communion" iconGrand Altar of Dragon Communion, then head southwest to reach Charo’s Hidden Grave site of grace. Finally, head northwest to reach and you’ll reach the entrance to the "Lamenter's Gaol" iconLamenter’s Gaol.

Exploring Lamenters Gaol

If you want to successfully navigate Lamenters Gaol, then you’ll need to track down to two keys which can be found below:

Gaol Upper Level Key Location

Once you’ve arrived at the dungeon, follow the path ahead until you reach a locked gate then head through the hole on the left to find the "Gaol Upper Level Key" iconGaol Upper Level Key in a chest in the second room on the right. Make your way to the end of the path and pick up the Prattling Pate “Lamentation” of the corpse and then return and unlock the gate via the recently acquired key. Climb down the ladder and enter the first room on the right to find the "Chilling Perfume Bottle" iconChilling Perfume Bottle, then head into the second room on the left side and climb down the ladder.

Gaol Lower Level Key Location

Follow the path along to the north to find the "Clarifying Horn Charm +2" iconClarifying Horn Charm +2 on the floor next to a gate, then return to the main room and climb up to the room on the opposite side. Enter the room ahead to drop down into a hole, then head up the first set of stairs and enter the room on the right to find the "Call of Tibia" iconCall of Tibia at the end of the path. Continue further up the stairs and go through the next door on the right to find a large room containing pots. Here you can find a Living Jar Shard, "Hefty Cracked Pot" iconHefty Cracked Pot and a "Gaol Lower Level Key" iconGaol Lower Level Key in the chest.

(1 of 2) Follow the path to the right of the stairs

Follow the path to the right of the stairs (left), to find the Gaol Lower Level Key in the chest. (right)

Head back to the stairs and make your way up to the top, then drop down and use the Gaol Lower Level Key to open the gate. Climb down the ladder to reach the boss room where you’ll face Lamenter. Its a fairly simple boss as all it does is a series of punches and doesn’t have any ranged attacks, so you’ll want to wait for it to finish its attacks then go in and attack him one or two times before retreating and then repeat. Throughout the battle it’ll duplicate itself, so you’ll want to take them on one on one until you find the real thing. Upon defeating this opponent you’ll obtain "Lamenter's Mask" iconLamenter’s Mask, then you can interact with the glowing spiral in the back of the room to be taken back to the entrance.

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