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Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Black Knight Edredd Boss Guide

Matt Chard

With the release of Shadow of the Erdtree DLC in Elden Ring 25 new Ashes of War was announced. One of these is called Aspects of the Crucible: Wings, and you’ll need to defeat a boss to get it. This Ash of War allows you to grow a pair of wings temporarily before diving at your prey in a holy-charged spinning attack. Read on to find out where you can find and how you can defeat the Black Knight Edredd boss, who gives you it upon defeat.

You’ll get the Ash of War by defeating Black Knight Edredd in Fort of Reprimand.

Black Knight Edredd Location

Before you can read Black Knight Edredd, you’ll need to get through Castle Ensis to gain access to Scadu Altus. After you’ve done this, exit the castle and head north to the Highroad Cross site of Grace. From there, head east and follow Moorth Highway south until you reach Fort of Reprimand. There is a grace of site outside the fort aptly named Moorth Highway, South and you can find it in the hills opposite the fort.

When you’re ready, enter the fort, and in the courtyard, you’ll find an enemy. If you’re sneaky enough, you can backstab it for significant damage however don’t underestimate this enemy as it is no joke, and can quickly deplete your health if you’re not careful. Once you’ve dealt with it, head down the stairs to the southeast and follow the corridor until you can enter the room to the northeast. You can go through the door to the northwest or down the ladder to the southeast. The former is the correct way to go, while the latter will offer you some items and enemies.

(1 of 4) You can find Black Knight Edredd in the Fort of Reprimand in Scau Altus.

Head through the northeastern door and follow the corridor around the corner to the northeast. Opposite the doorway, you’ll find two Messmer Soldiers facing the opposite direction. You can sneak up on the one to your right, but you will get ambushed from the doorway to your left by at least a Spear Messmer. Take out the enemies and head toward the doorway and take out another Messmer hiding to your right just past said doorway.

Continue up the stairs, and follow then northwest to find a site of grace. Do not immediately go left at the top of the stairs to get the items until you do this, otherwise, you will get ambushed by the same enemy from the courtyard who will drop on top of you. If you have ranged attacks, you can attack this from near the site of grace. When you’ve rested at the grace, head on into the building in the southeast, where you’ll find the boss, Black Knight Edredd.

(1 of 4) There are four enemies in this area. Two at the end, and two in the door to the left.

Black Knight Edredd Strategy

Edredd is a difficult boss at first until you understand how to deal with his attacks. Whenever you see him get golden wings, he’ll jump up and perform a spinning attack at your location. Make sure you wait until he closes the distance before you roll through the attack, and punish him with a heavy attack after. Although that is his flashiest attack, his most damaging attacks comes from his multi-hit combos with his twin blade. Unless you have ridiculously high endurance and other stats, odds are you won’t be able to block all these, so you’ll need to avoid some.

The easiest way to do this is to back up/roll away from the first few attacks and block the rest. The only other attack he really has is a leaping downward stab attack, but you can avoid this by blocking or moving away from it, and once again, punishing him with a heavy attack. All the other attacks will be variations of his twin blade attacks such as an upward slice or a thrust, which he frequently uses straight after each other. Black Knight Edredd is susceptible to being flinched and stance-broken with heavier weapons and appears to be weak to Fire, although any magic outside of Holy will do. Edredd will primarily use either holy or physical attacks, so you should prepare with a holy resistance item or spell such as Lord’s Divine Fortification or Golden Vow.

(1 of 4) Edredd will frequently use the Wings Ash of War against you. Roll through the attack when it reaches you.

All in All, the most difficult part about this fight is his multi-hit combos. He’ll keep attacking you until your stance is broken, and then punish you when you’re defenseless. Attack him after rolling through his Wings Ash of War and after his leaping stab attack as he is open for a brief moment. Make sure you’re using charged-up heavy attacks (if you’re using one of the larger weapons), and break his stance as often as possible. Fortunately, if you do fail to beat him, the grace of site is only a stone’s throw away from the boss room, so you can try him again without much hassle. Defeating Black Knight Edredd will reward you with the same spinning attack he repeatedly used against you, the Aspect of the Crucible: Wings. Now you too can spin like an angel!

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