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Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Storeroom Key Location and Use

Ben Chard

It wouldn’t be a FromSoftware game without its secrets, and one of the earliest ones you may come across is the Storeroom in Belurat, Tower Settlement, Shadow of the Erdtree’s first Legacy dungeon. Once you find your way into the room with the Storeroom Key, you may be wondering how you get the woman inside to talk. Well, look no further, as we’ll tell you how to get the key and get your new friend speaking!

The Storeroom Key is needed to start Hornsent Grandam’s NPC quest in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree.

Where to Find the Storeroom Key

As you brave Belurat, Tower Settlement, get past the Shades lurking around every corner and continue your way up, you’ll reach the Small Private Altar Site of Grace. Going through the door on your left and across the balcony will lead you to a locked door that requires a Storeroom Key, so let’s go track that down now.

Return to the previous junction and go out of the right door and up the stairs to a courtyard. You’ll find a Horned Warrior to your left, fight (it’s tough, so be careful!) or ignore him, and then go right of where he’s initially standing to find an alleyway you can pass through.

Continue through to the end and go left where you’ll find a door with some Shades and a ladder. At the top of this ladder, just before the door, is a body housing the Storeroom Key, pocket it and then return to the Small Private Altar Site of Grace.

(1 of 3) Head through this narrow alleyway after going right from the Small Prayer Altar Site of Grace

Where to Use the Storeroom Key and Speaking to Hornsent Grandam

Back at the Site of Grace, head through the room to your left and open the door with your new Storeroom Key. As soon as you enter, you’ll hear someone, go over to make your greetings and you’ll find that the woman has nothing to say. If you take a look at your map, you’ll see that this woman is named Hornsent Grandam.

The next step of this is a lengthy one, you must return to her once you’ve obtained a special helmet, something that will allude to it by looking to the left of the woman. The helmet needed is the Divine Beast Head, but to get your hands on it, you’ll need to finish this Legacy Dungeon and defeat the Divine Beast Dancing Lion, a tricky encounter!

With that in hand, equip the helmet and speak to Grandam once again, this time she will have a lot more to say, giving you some important background information on Messmer and asks for your help. In return, she’ll hand over the Watchful Spirit Incantation.

(1 of 2) Hornsent Grandam won’t say anything when you first enter the room

Hornsent Grandam won’t say anything when you first enter the room (left), Acquire the Divine Beast Head from the boss here and speak to her with it equipped to obtain the Watchful Spirit Incantation. (right)

At this point, you’ll need to progress the game a bit before you can continue with Grandam’s NPC Quest, but in the meantime, you’ve solved your primary objective of where to use the Storeroom Key and bagged yourself a handy new Incantation!

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