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Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

Jagged Peak Location Guide

Ben Chard

The Realm of Shadow in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree is a place full of many mysteries, and finding the entrance to one of the major regions, "Jagged Peak" iconJagged Peak, can be quite tough if you don’t know where to look. Awaiting you at the top of this area is a fearsome dragon, Bayle. Keep reading to discover how you reach this area.

The Jagged Peak is a difficult, optional area of the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC in Elden Ring.

How to Get to Jagged Peak

Before you set off in search of this region, you should take the time to collect Scadutree Fragments elsewhere in the Realm of Shadow, this is a tough area with many "Dragon" iconDragons that have plenty of HP and can easily down you. You’ll additionally need to level your "Revered Spirit Ash" iconRevered Spirit Ash Blessing so Torrent doesn’t die in a single hit, the added mobility is always useful against Dragon enemies.

Reaching Dragon’s Pit

Once you’re fully ready to set off, head to the "Castle Front" iconCastle Front Site of Grace, located just outside of "Castle Ensis" iconCastle Ensis. If you’ve yet to travel that way, head across "Ellac Greatbridge" iconEllac Greatbridge, just to the east of the Three-Path Cross Site of Grace and continue northeast to reach the Site of Grace.

From here, you can begin your journey to Jagged Peak in earnest. Start from this Site of Grace and head south until you reach the main path going east, following it until you can take the upper path leading east (the other path is more southeast). You’ll have a long run now until you reach the Pillar Path Waypoint Site of Grace, where you’ll hear someone.

Make use of this Site of Grace if needed, as once you pass through the thin path with dragon statues either side, you’ll soon be invaded by "Ancient Dragon-Man" iconAncient Dragon-Man. As you may expect by his name, he’ll use the various Dragon-style Incantations, such as "Dragonfire" iconDragonfire and "Dragonmaw" iconDragonmaw. Along with this, he’ll use a "Great Katana" iconGreat Katana, so expect heavy slow attacks, these should be easy enough to roll through. You’ll also find that the Ancient Dragon-Man is easy to stagger if you have heavy weapons.

With the invader defeated, continue proceeding down the path until you reach a cave opening, head inside and use the Site of Grace.

(1 of 4) Take this route from the Front Gate Site of Grace to reach the Dragon’s Pit.

Dragon’s Pit and Ancient Dragon-Man

The "Dragon's Pit" iconDragon’s Pit is a rather large dungeon that continues to spiral down, with a secret at the heart of it. For our purposes, reaching Jagged Peak, there is a specific path to take through this area, but beware that there is a Magma Worm that lurks in these depths, defeating it will get you an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone and a "Dragon Heart" iconDragon Heart, useful for those of the Dragon Communion. You’ll find this place filled to the brim with Skeleton enemies, so be sure to strike them once they’re down to permanently finish them off.

To reach Jagged Peak though, start from the Dragon’s Pit Site of Grace and head down the path until you reach the first enemy, and then take the northern exit further into the pit (taking care to avoid the Skeletons that like to leap out from around the corner). Once the path opens up, you’ll see an item to your left containing a "Shadow Realm Rune [2]" iconShadow Realm Rune [2], just be careful of the Skeletons that spawn from the ground as you get close.

Continue along the eastern path after and you’ll reach another split. Ignore the path leading north and instead go south to continue your descent into the Pit. This will take you to a large altar which is seemingly a dead end. You’ll see a note you can interact with nearby, which says “Be brave, Show no fear.” , sounds like a challenge to me. Approach the edge here and take a leap of faith!

(1 of 5) Take the southern path to reach the altar

You’ll land outside a fog door, so you know what’s next! A rematch against an Ancient Dragon-Man awaits and it’s essentially the same battle, albeit with this version having a stronger Great "Katana" iconKatana. The arena is relatively large, so you have more than enough space to dodge his dragon related spells, especially if you see it use Dragonfire. Once you put him down, you’ll obtain the powerful "Dragon-Hunter's Great Katana" iconDragon-Hunter’s Great Katana!

With that final obstacle out of the way, open the large doors and proceed forward (not forgetting to touch the Site of Grace!) to find yourself at the "Foot of the Jagged Peak" iconFoot of the Jagged Peak, a fearsome area full of deadly dragons!

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