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Reraise - almost a requirement. Anyways, you should know where the Cultists’ Tower is. We picked Strago up there. Don’t remember? It’s along the Serpent Trench between Nikeah and Mobliz, surrounded by mountains. Land on the ground around the tower, save, and head on in.

Local Enemy Bestiary

Monster Name HP MP ATK DEF Gil EXP
Level 10 Magic 1000 300 22 150 0 0
Level 20 Magic 2000 500 21 145 0 0
Level 30 Magic 3000 700 20 140 0 0
Level 40 Magic 4000 1000 19 135 0 0
Level 50 Magic 5000 2000 18 130 0 0
Level 60 Magic 6000 5000 17 125 0 0
Level 70 Magic 7000 3000 16 120 0 0
Level 80 Magic 8000 2800 15 115 0 0
Level 90 Magic 9000 9000 14 110 0 0
Magic Urn 100 10000 35 190 0 0

Obviously, I opted to include more magic-related stats. As the enemies are forbidden (in general) to use physicals, Attack is no longer an issue; the same thing, swapped around, applies to Defense. Anywho, go up the tower to the first door. Go inside and grab the Safety Bit from within.

Go east of the chest and press the action button to find another room. Go outside and downstairs to another to find the Air Anchor. Worth mentioning is how the Air Anchor (not usable here, sadly) pwns most anything else you can do. It effectively kills all enemies (that can be hit with Death), damages them redundantly, and that’s about it. The catch is that they do get one more turn. Not like they have much of a chance of killing four super-warriors in one turn. Let’s continue up the tower, shall we? In the next portion, you’ll find a room with the Genji Shield .

In the various doors up the tower you can find some good items.

Further up, in the third section, you’ll find a room with the Kagenui knife in a chest, plus one of the eight dragons:

Holy Dragon

The Holy Dragon can use Holy and Dispel. And … that’s about it. There are two strategies to this fight I’m providing. One is the one with you having four Reflect Rings, as you should. Basically, just continue to use spells and there you go. Holy is a mild heal for it, and Dispel won’t get rid of inherent effects.

The other simply haves you Silence the beast. No spells … there ya go. Use Silence or Siren are sufficient. And, even worse, it is possible to use Ragnarok’s Metamorphose on this Dragon and have a 1 in 8 chance of getting a Crystal item. Worst. Dragon. Ever.

Unsurprisingly, this dragon will use Holy with regularity. Having Reflect Rings on your characters will help a lot especially since it can attack very fast.

Continue up the tower. In the fourth area, go into the room for some Force Armor . Continue up the tower. In the fifth area, you’ll find another room. Heal up and go inside. Take the Soul of Thamasa from within. Go outside and you’ll soon battle the Magic Master.

Magic Master

The Magic Master can use Fira, Firaga, Blizzara, Blizaaga, Thundara, Thundaga, Bio, Death, Silence, and Barrier Change. Ultima is his final attack, happening upon his loss.

There are two strategies to this fight I’m providing. One is the one with you having four Reflect Rings, as you should. Watch the idiot kill himself and eat popcorn. Hell, put Haste on him for fun! Another allows you to Berserk him and watch him smack you for a few points of damage each turn. Again, popcorn and Haste… Well, actually, you’ll need to do a bit of work here, so… Flare and Ultima? Of course, your main problem is the Ultima at the end. With either of the two strategies, simply put Reraise on at least one person and you’ll have effectively won.

Nothing left but to walk back down.

You need Reraise unless you have reflect because this little git will use Ultima as he dies which will wipe out your party.

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