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You’ll need to find Narshe, which is located on the north-central continent on the west side. Enter with three characters, not four, for convenience.


Local Enemy Bestiary

Monster Name HP MP ATK DEF Gil EXP
Garm 1510 110 10 155 412 687
Lukhavi 1877 100 13 145 298 697
Magna Roader 1777 100 13 115 352 621
Magna Roader 1380 70 14 105 284 647
Psychos 900 55 14 165 275 347
Test Rider 3100 220 27 135 520 1947
Wizard 1677 200 13 50 388 587

Once you enter town, you’ll meet up with the Lone Wolf, who fills you in. Well, let’s begin by heading to Arvis’s house on the northeast side of town. Inside, go to the back and through the door to find a familiar path. Use it for a while and you’ll soon come across Mog! After the scene, if you brought three characters as previously requested, Mog will join your party. Examine the wall Mog was staring at earlier to find Molulu’s Charm . Quite the Relic this is – it prevents all random encounters!

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